Drugstore’s ‘Catarsis’ EP

The new release from techno collective Drugstore is now out and is released on the netaudio label: Subversive Media. Titled the Catarsis EP it contains three original tracks, and a remix of Serenade of Cemeteries by Neonicle (the original was released back in April on the Russian-Techno label).

So what are the guys laying out track wise? Well, title track Catarsis kicks off the EP with its electro vibes pemenating under the surface. Oasis is more of a straight dark-vibed jacking track with a nod to miami bass with that synth work, very nice. Satori is floor-to-four business, building well before again dipping in electro atmospherics. And to finish the release, Drugstore remix of Neonicle’s Serenade of Cemeteries. Keeping all the elements which worked so well for the original: the bold bass, the glittering keys, and eeriness; whilst adding a solid alternating technoid percussive element which they build into more of a pad based affair come the midpoint.

Overall a great release from the Spanish guys on this. Some great electro influenced techno, what’s more it’s released for free.

Drugstore – Catarsis EP

Drugstore – Catarsis
Drugstore – Oasis
Drugstore – Satori
Neonicle – Serenade of Cemeteries (Drugstore remix)

Catharsis (Catarsis in Spanish) is the emotional cleansing of the audience and/or characters in a play. In relation to drama it is an extreme change in emotion resulting from strong feelings of sorrow, fear, pity, or laughter; this result has been described as a purification or a purging of such emotions (whether those of the characters in the play or of the audience). Get ready to feel the Catarsis!


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