Gyu – Submerge EP

Two of the earliest producers to grace the Mantis Radio show way back in 2007 were Mad-Tek; comprising just 2 members: Gyu and Globe Rotter.

Globe Rotter moved to Russia a few years back which made working together as Mad-Tek somewhat difficult thou they have released some quality work together. Both have continued producing work and indeed Gyu has since moved to Moscow, so here’s hoping they can find time to produce together yet again. Their work as solo artists in their own right is great and also quite to my taste, be it that bit deeper. In many respects its a worthy replacement and development from their work as Mad-Tek.

Gyu takes things deep, very deep, as he effortlessly displays on this, the inaugural release of his own Coral imprint . The star of the show here is the title track and 1st of the 3 tracks; Submerge. Subterraneously deep and heavily lush, it really is a beautiful piece of work. Broken beats roll as thou butter sliding off a hot knife. The bass is bold, and has quite the reassuringly warm feel to it. The ethereal vocals flow over like relaxing waves of some tranquil, simmering lake. This is one super smooth offering from Guy Fforde and his Gyu alias and is sure to remain on my personal playlist for some time to come. Quite the track to begin a label.

Don’t feel like I am dismissing the other 2 tracks presented here, no sir, as both are in the same vein and support the EP well. Silence is the first of the 2, using Eastern style sounds and that characteristic rolling bass. This is quite distinctly the work of Gyu. Ripples is the 3rd and from it’s muted jazz piano pads into a more 2 step style beat arrangement, it’s for what of a better phrase sort of late summer beach garage if you will. Some far off deserted Asian beach that I’m never likely to see.

All in all a fantastic début for Coral and yet more work to prove that Gyu is quite the dab hand with smooth beautiful bass and broken drumwork. Available as a pay what you want deal, pretty essential stuff this.

Gyu – Submerge EP

Gyu – Submerge
Gyu – Silence
Gyu – Ripples


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