Orphx on PoleGroup Radio

PoleGroup are, if such a thing exists, a bit of a techno supergroup. Techno in the best sense of the genre. Not some old stage band formed by members of once great acts who don’t know what else to do – but rather a collection of some of the most reliable and on point producers and DJs. Oscar Mulero, Exium, Reeko, Luke Slater, Regis, Perc, Developer and Kwartz are some of the pedigree the agency-cum-label-cum radio has within it.

As far as the ‘radio‘ side of things goes they’ve got that covered. Going out weekly on Vicious Radio the show is as dependable as the artists associated with the group.

This week saw the Canadian duo Orphx step up with a DJ mix.

Richard Oddie and Christina Sealey have been recording as Orphx since the early 90s, and whilst their sound started as a much more abrasive rhythmic noise thing, it evolved over the years into the industrially textured techno that it is today. Their releases are essential weaponry on global dancefloors and their liveset quite something.

Their mix features some fantastic techno and beyond tracks;  including that of Matter, ASC, Paula Temple, Tomohiko Sagae, Cut Hands and Darkfloor’s own David Meiser with his track Transcending Your Fears.

Orphx – PoleGroup Radio 10/01

Esplendor Geométrico – María Luisa
Matter – Grain
Vromb – Variation
Geistform – Resonant Mass
Orphx – Periphery
Svreca – Bondegatan
Surgeon – La Real
Hyo – Inertia
ASC – Magnetic
Nomeansno – Metronome (Orphx mix)
David Meiser – Transcending Your Fears
Rich Oddie – Bloodstream
Orphx – Fault Line
Paula Temple – Cloned
Óscar Mulero– Disinformation (Orphx mix)
Dino Sabatini – Modulation A
Olga and Jozef – A1
Tomohiko Sagae – Dead End (Orphx mix)
Ostia – Idioms
Esplendor Geométrico – Viwanda Kasi
Cut Hands – Madwoman
Brxsdale – G/G Mechanisms


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