P-Hocto’s mix – ‘No Kissing’

Dublin native, London based producer and DJ P-Hocto drops a superb 76 minutes of gritty industrially textured techno.

Friend of Darkfloor, Parisien Mike Stern (himself a reliable source for darkfloor electronica mixes) highlighted this mix over on our Darkforum last week. Its taken me a few days to get around to listening to it but more than worth the wait.

A wall to wall vinyl mix with some of the best darker techno producers around. Orphx, Bas Mooy, Casual Violence, Grovskopa, Go Hiyama, Makaton, Adam X, Female, British Murder Boys, Sunil Sharpe… cracking stuff indeed.

P-Hocto – No Kissing
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Orphx – Critical Mass
Bas Mooy – Bloedneus
Casual Violence – Dilute To Taste
Grovskopa – Strapped On Luka
Agony Forces – Migration
Kuniaki Takenaga – Meltybladdia
Grovskopa – Jahuar
Go Hiyama – First Hind Leg
2nd Reality – Ed_Gein_Style
Makaton – Swarms Of New Flies
Adam X – Second Mission
Stanislav Tolkachev – Rudiment 4 (Grovskopa remix)
Bas Mooy & Charlton – Ibogaine
Delusions – Human Mistake
Female – Back Lash (female eDit)
British Murder Boys – Splinter
Grovskopa – Vund
Arrestar – Thoughts & Emotions
Dustin Zahn – American Revolver
Sunil Sharpe – Let Christy Take It
Go Hiyama – Residual Set (Radial remix)
Kyoudai Itsumo – Of The Flesh
Celluloid Mata – Eastern Works (with Drahomira Song Orchestra)


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