UXII – Ilegal Connection Radio

Friend of Darkfloor and former session guest of Mantis Radio DJ Mad Wax recently highlighted this mix on his site City of Bass.

As far as electro taste goes he’s got a well honed ear for the good stuff and in the particular case of this post, it’s this mix from UXII for Ilegal Connection radio. Broadcasting out of the South Pole, Ilegal Connection are were a 24 hour internet radio station delivering a wealth of quality electro sound.

UXII is I believe the person responsible for the station itself and that’s about all I know. If anyone knows anything more, let us know in the comments.

Described as dope electro by Mad Wax, the 7th in the series contains containing work from Drexciya Legowelt, Boris Divider, and UXII themselves. The rest of the tracklist is like a lot of what I hear on the Ilegal Connection station, principally brand new to me from artists I’ve not heard of before, which is always pretty educational.

UXII – Ilegal Connection Radio Mix 07

Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
Phochos – Interface Phrase A (Legowelt remix)
Hieroglyphica – Decrypter
Hadamard – Rollin’ On Chrome
Boris Divider – Metal Machine Combat
Komarken Electronics – Spaciousnes
Crotaphytus – Don’t Look Behind – Cycle of Life
UXII – New Nation [Data Music] dub
UXII – Snowman in the shelter [Data Music] dub
Kalson – Waiting In The Valley
Drexciya – Aquatacizem
N.F.D. – Robot Mix – 3
Catnip – Word To The Bird
Tone Set – Waiting For Oatmeal


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