Symbolic Death – Evidences & Improbabilitys

Was there a better way is there to kick off a new week than in jackboots, all black clothing; playing hide and seek with the Sun and listening to this doomcore offering from Shaman Urbain?

Well, no – I didn’t think so on Monday when I wrote this. Particularly as it seems spring has arrived in style recently in London. In the office I’m wrote this piece, four stories up, I had a beautiful skyline with a lush sky blue background and the tops of fellow buildings nestled at the bottom of my sight range. Pretty much the complete opposite of the sound that was being pumped into my ears. As I edit this piece today the Sun has remained in London – and we once again have daylight.

With artists I know together with some I don’t Urbain’s ‘Evidences & Improbabilitys’ is a mix that for the first 60 something minutes, combines my vested interest in industrial, dark techno, EBM and generally bleak thud for the former goth in us all. Fausten (remixed by Ontal), Adam X, This Mortal Coil, Under Konstruktion, Minimum Syndicat, The Mover and Tonal Verges all feature and for those even more unfamiliar with the term doomcore than me, this mix would serve as an introduction.

According to Satanarchist, doomcore is a “specific microgenre of downtempo darkcore”.

But I’m not sure what darkcore is at this point. What I understand doomcore to be is a slow/hard techno sound. A not particularly fast sound, say mid 120s to 130bpm; that takes in a lot of the old industrial and EBM textures. This is more for the kids from the sound system free party raves and that know what tekno is/was rather than those recent technoise obsessives, grabbing the latest Vatican Shadow or Shifted 12″. There is nothing wrong with either of those musicians, I like a lot of both of their respective catalogues, but you get my point – if you don’t it’s likely you’re one of those recent technoise obsessives. This isn’t techno as they’d like it – it’s not very beard strokey and you can’t really lurk at the back nursing a can of Red Stripe.

This mix had me until the midpoint where the BPMs are pushed up and up and we shift into that hardcore techno sound where it, for me at least, lacks the hard punch of the slower cuts, tips over the verge, and all becomes a bit silly.

Minimum Syndicat – Phantasm
Starving Insect – Nurturing The Cancer
?NGST – Ungodly
Fracture 4 – Mortal Message
Fifth Era – Lockdown In Inner Space (Tonal Verges remix)
Hypnotizer – The Light Is Leaving
Lord Sinister ft. Kramerr – The Path Of Exile
Fifth Era – Windsor Blues (Utamoh Thumo remix)
Fifth Era – Gundabherundanarasimha
Omnicide – Permanent Solution
AnTraxid – Structural Perfection
Tonal Verges – Fucking / Redemption
This Mortal Core – Kill Her (Darkside edit)
Low Entropy – Acid Track
Dark Frequencer – We Lose Humanity
Fausten – Evisceration (Ontal remix)
Lord Sinister – Seeds of Heresy
The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Tech Tree
Deathmachine – Our Introduction (To Technology)
14Anger – Honeymoon In Hell (Shaman Urbain remix)
Sven Schaller – Rise Of The Machines
Adam X – Sensory Overload
Fifth Era – Windsor Blues
Raum 107 – We’re Dying…Quietly (Fuck Hope)
Under Konstruktion – Journey Back (Under Konstruktion remix)
Low Entropy – Doomcore 9 (AnTraxid remix)
N.lier – Solivagant
Malefic – Doomed (Dmx Krew Mix)
Minimum Syndicat – Acid Trojan Part I
Fifth Era – Raw From Charlie III
Al Ferox – Darklight
Unit 731 – Inside The Continuum
Syndroom – Lastering
Low Entropy – Rave 4
Fracture 4 – Departure
?NGST – ?NGST VIII (Soulkeeper remix)
Mindustries – Definder
Chaosbringer – End Of Days
Dr Macabre – Kiss My Entire Ass
The Outside Agency – Motherfucking Ants (Part 1 & 2)
Synaptic Memories – Lugosi The Machinist
The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear
Desolation – End Of Humanity
Jensen – She
DJ Scale Ripper – Acid Storm
The Relic – Anti Particle
Legion – Panic
Taciturne – Mourning
Collision – The Takeover
Enzyme X – Illuminati
John Faustus – Binaural Lotus
Unknown – Untitled
AnTraxid – The Abyss
Symbolic Death – Memories
Lord Sinister – Acid Madness
EBE Company – Inferno
Symbolic Death – Distance


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