casual breakin - poundland

Casual Breakin’ – Poundland

A mix drawing its inspiration from the current riots and looting happening in London and other parts of the UK.

Casual Breakin‘ gives up a rinsing hour of drum & bass, his Poundland mix. Serving in part as his reaction to the continuining disruption of the past few days specifically this opportunistic girl making a swift exit from her local Poundland with a few bags of crisps skillfully stuck in her shirt.

Poundland of course is known worldwide for its haute cusine and expensive price tags… oh wait. No it’s known for bargain basement cheap rubbish. Logic? I’m not sure.

This isn’t the place for discussing the reasoning and fallout from the difficult time parts of the UK are going through at the moment. What I will say is there was a positive way of dealing with this particular incident in Peckham. Community spirit is alive still. There is hope. Mr Breakin’ take it away…

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