Bufo – You’re What You’re I & II

I’ve written about Bufo just the once before, back in November 2010, highlighting his Industricity Session no.29 mix.

That mix was very good, and compared to this one it was all too brief (despite that session being some 97 minutes). You’re What You’re is a 2 part upload collectively weighing in the other side of four hours.

I’ve tried to find some information about Bufo, but my search has so far, been fruitless. All I have is his SoundCloud profile which plays host to several of his mixes. Going out on a limb here I’m thinking he’s based in Poland. Still, as interesting as it can be to read a little bit about folk the music is the important aspect and here we have a mountain of sweetly dark and deep industrially dipped technoid sound, or techno for your headspace if you prefer.

It’s a mammoth session taking in some of the upfront edge of new producers carving out their sound, artists like Death Abyss, Lucy, Voidloss, Jon Convex, Xhin, Dead Sound, Kangding Ray, Ancient Methods and Roly Porter together with the established old guard. Cristian Vogel, Nitzer Ebb, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Inigo Kennedy, The Bug, Surgeon are but a few.

This then is You’re What You’re.

Bufo – You’re What You’re I

Black Knight – Capita
L.B. Dub Corp – Lurchers Dub
Conrad Van Orton, Vilix – Coppergreen Project
Subjected – Vault Series 008.2
Michaelangelo – The Thaumaturgist (Exium remix)
Dj Rush – The Breaks
Carl Craig – At Les
Kenaz – Ungewis
Xhin – Teeth (Surgeon remix)
Reeko – Thick Matter
Frankie Bones – I Love It
Jeff Mills – The Bells (Grovskopa remix)
Steve Glencross – Jd’s Cartell
Obtane & Giorgio Gigli – Contextualised In Monochrome (Smear remix)
Dead Sound – Dead Slater
Cristian Vogel – Alien Conversation
Monolake – Hitting the Surface
British Murder Boys – Be Like I Am
KiNK – I Don’t Play Piano
Grovskopa – Haas
Pacific Blue – Industry (Rrose remix)
Voidloss – Scar Glamour
Jeff Mills – Gamma Player
Jon Convex – Your Mind (or Mine)
Dead Sound & Videohead – Degree
Phase – Binary Opposition (Process 1)
Dead Sound & Videohead – Rails
ASC – Magnetic
Casual Violence – Acceptance Of The Fact At Hand
Exium – Frontline (Inigo Kennedy remix)
Function & Jerome Sydenham – Drift (Xhin remix)
NIL – NIL (Kazuya Kawakami Remix)
Surgeon – Waiting For Me B1
Robert Hood – Unix (Alive)
Skudge – Overture (Substance remix)
Sbtrk – Wildfire (Objekt Dub Mix)
Kangding Ray – Odd Sympathy
Kangding Ray – OR
Ancient Methods – Fifth Method B1
FBK – Nanomal
Claude Young – How Is Your DNA (James Ruskin remix)
3ST & Dash – Getting Divorced
Death Abyss – Thee Grey Book
Various Artist – No. 8
Lucy – Eon (Truss Remix)
Voidloss – Diaphanous Fever of Dreams
Raiz And Truncate – Rhythm
Sigha – I Am Apathy, I Am Submission
Go Hiyama – Concrete Advance (Dead Sound & Videohead remix)
Edge Of Motion – Set-Up 707
Scion – Emerge (BMB remix 2)
Surgeon Meets Outline – Golden Age
Karenn – Chaste Down
Reeko – Miracle
Arovane – Tascel 7
Autechre – Laughing Quarter
Rhythm & Sound With Chosen Brothers – Mash Down Babylon
Sian – Coup De’tat (Xhin remix)
Zomby – Godzilla
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Soon (Kink remix)
Dash – You Surf
Nitzer Ebb – Smear Body

Bufo – You’re What You’re II

Nitzer Ebb – Smear Body
Tadeo – Winds Of Glory (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Shiver – Subsonic Soundscape
Oscar Mulero – After All
Maad – 313 Dremaadream
Exium – Dummies
Cristian Vogel – Absolute
Rivet – Inside Looking Out
Dave Tarrida – Horrormone (The Horrorist remix)
Dave Tarrida – Dry Red
Dead Sound – Shuffle
Smear – Form Constant
Surgeon – The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles
James Ruskin – Confession
Silent Servant – Discipline
Blind Summit – Metrical Constants (Allan Nonamaka’s Proprietary Sequence Mix)
Inigo Kennedy – Lagrange Point
The Black Dog – Black Chamber Order (Blawan remix)
Ital Tek – Manhattan
Unspecified Enemies – Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
Apologist – Sorry (Dub)
Breach – Fatherless
Addison Groove – Footcrab
Modern Heads & Perc – Moddax
Jimmy Edgar – Sleight Of Mouth (Subtle)
The Bug – Politicians Version
Surgeon – Transparent Radiation
Monolake – Alaska (Substance Remix 1)
Pfirter & Dadub – Metropolis
Ben Sims – Slow Motion (Skudge Mix)
Jolka – Inception
Modeselektor – Dancing Box (Sleeparchive remix)
Kritical Audio – Spandex
Bufo – Chaos (Unit:B Remix)
Ochre – Rem Sleep Research
Dubkasm – More Jah Songs (RSD remix)
Bufo – Rozplywa Sie W Ustach
MNK – Ransome
Battles – Toddler (Kangding Ray remix)
Roly Porter – Rossak


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