Dekode’s mix for Christmas

Serbian producer and DJ Dekode drops this sublime IDM and downtempo selection just in time for Christmas.

No Slade, Wizzard or Wham! on this tracklist… yea I know, shocking ain’t it. What we do have is a warming deep journey of electronica that is sure to make you feel relaxed.

Dekode – Christmas

Faction – Inside Out
Cepia – Atlantic Blood
Dryft – Caloc
Arovane – Cry Osaka Cry
Bola – Effanajor
Proem – Three Days Before I Move
Brothomstates – Brothomstates Ipxen
Christ. – Stained century
Mr. Projectile – Slow Rewards
Machine Drum – Countchocula
Legiac – Faex Decimate
Mr. Projectile – Underneath the Evening
Digitonal – Maris Stella


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