Tim Reaper goes to the Darkcore on his guest mix for Blog to the Oldskool

A few weeks ago Tim Reaper guested on Pete Dev/Null‘s Blog To the Old Skool show on the drum n bass internet radio specialists Jungle Train.

The focus of Tim’s mix – Darkcore Jungle.

Pete: There’s some seriously nice tunage in here, nothing exceedingly nerdy but definitely not obvious choices by any means either. Tim even managed to fit a handful of tunes from the blog in, which I’ve linked below. Tim playing 4/4 Basement Records tracks…. never thought I’d see the day


Fokus – Get A Bearing [Suicide]
The Undergraduates – Into The Future [Camden Tunes]
Techno Bros – We Are Techno Bros [Basement]
Mad Dog – Relapse [Underdog]
Liftin’ Spirits – Will I Dream [Liftin’ Spirit]
Frighty & Jucksie Nice – Natural Substance [Kemet]
A Thief, A Terrorist & A Lunatic – No Stopping [Eclipsed]
Edge Of Darkness – Fantastic Voyage [After Dark]
Cool Hand Flex – This Is The Way [U No Dat]
Chaos & Julia Set – Use Of Weapons Vol. 1 (Unreleased Mix) [Recoil]
Firefly – To The Max [Paradise]
Bounty Killaz – Bounty Killaz [Creative Wax]
Drum & Bass – Low Down & Funky (The Ruff & Ready Remix) [Formation]
Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Hype Mix) [Suburban Base]
Swift & Zinc – Brightness [Brain Progression]
Dillinja – From Beyond [Cybotron]
DJ Crystl & Slipmaster J – Drop X.T.C. [Lucky Spin]
On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango remix) [Underworld Vinyl]
DJ Trace – Definition Of Living (Amen Mix) [Dub]
DJ Buz – Slave Special [No U-Turn]
Peshay – On The Firm [Reinforced]
Lemon D – 2 Gether [Planet Earth]
Two Dark Troopers – Darkcore [Basement]
Harmony & Xtreme – Temple Of Doom [Section 5]
Bizzy B – Bonus Track [Brain]
Hardware – Night Stalker [Face]


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