Black Smith Craft – Subsist 005

For the 5th in the establishing-itself-as-a-key-techno-mix-source that is the Subsist podcast series are these 70 minutes selected and mixed by the French producer Black Smith Craft.

With a tracklist containing work from Sandwell District, Coefficient, Casual Violence, Voidloss, Inigo Kennedy, Surgeon, Nick Dunton, Drugstore, Concrete DJz and James Ruskin you know where you stand. Delivering drone and tonal based stripped sound from the heart of machines.

Black Smith Craft – Subsist 005

Sandwell District – Immolare (Function version)
Coefficient – Heliosphere
Traversable wormhole – Exiting the milky way (Surgeon remix)
Casual Violence – Briefly sexual (Voidloss remix #1)
Silent Servant – El mar (Svreca remix 2)
Robert Pain – Scena I
Voidloss – Dead serenity
Drugstore – Deimos
Go Hiyama – Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Concrete DJz – Compact solutions (original mix)
Traversable wormhole – Tachyon (James Ruskin remix)
Voidloss – Lucifuge
Concrete DJz – Compact solutions (C-System remix)
Kwartz – Still dead (Drugstore remix)
Inigo Kennedy – Yearning
Voidloss – Paranoid android
Ozka – Limiter (Mr Mau’s filth remix)
S-Tek – Feet of paradise
Nick Dunton – Leaving the planet

mixed by Tyler Smith
recorded at the Alphaground studio (Lens / France) on 18th of August 2011.


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