SL1200 – Zlow

From netlabel Escala comes this selection of IDM electronica infused with deep ambient texture. SL1200 has selected some tasty morsels of sound for his Zlow mix; including tracks from Boards of Canada, Biosphere, Peter Benisch, and Techno Animal.

SL1200 – Zlow

Alter Ego – Mescal (Two Lone Swordsmen remix) [Rotter Golf Club] 2003
Techno Animal – Robosapien [Matador] 2001
Xingu Hill -The Conquistador Closes His Eyes [Hymen] 1999
Space Time Continuum – 101 South Of Heaven [Volume] 1995
Skylab vs Deluxe – Twister [Volume] 1994
Boards Of Canada – Telephasic Workshop [Warp] 1998
Sensiva – 44100th Galaxy [Sensotech] 2005
Boards Of Canada – Sunshine Recorder [Warp] 2002
Techno Animal – Monoscopic [Matador] 2001
Techno Animal – Anthrazite [Force Inc] 1999
Nav Katze – Wild Horse (Global Communication mix) [Victor] 1994
Biosphere – Le Gran Dôme [Touch] 2000
Peter Benisch – Temple Of Opposites [Turbo ]2001
Peter Benisch – Waiting For Snow (Part 2) [Fax] 1999
Seamus – Bitter Tears [Silentes] 2005


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