DVNT – Devil Dead (A Mix)

Way back in the dying embers of 2013 a mix was recorded for Neil Birnie’s Dark Frequency radio show, broadcast December 6th of that same year. Last night we were informed the show was no longer available, so we’ve re-upped it to our own server and to our Mixcloud channel. Entitled Devil Dead, it is 120 minutes of dub heavy techno and rumble with an unreleased Phat Chex cut coming in around the 13 minute mark.


Akkord – Navigate [Houndstooth]
Dronelock – Snow [Weekend World Recordings]
Operator – Fearless [Audio Assault]
L.B. Dub Corp – Take A Ride feat. Benjamin Zephania [Ostgut Ton]
Kassem Mosse – GSO2 [Nonplus]
Lucy & Xhin – LX1 [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Phat Chex – Oblivion [dub]
Si Begg – Mothership (Kawatin remix) [Noodles]
Myler – Blue Madams (Mørbeck remix) [Fifth Wall]
Kostnic – Phonophilia [Dust Rec]
Headless Horseman – Graveyard [Headless Horseman]
Jeff Mills – Space Walk [Axis]
Kessell – Sphere of Influence (Substance remix) [Granulart Recordings]
Picon – Secret (Deepbass remix) [Reaktivate]
Vatican Shadow – Muscle Hijacker Tribal Affiliation [Hospital Productions]
Killawatt – Art Of Discourse [Osiris Music UK]
Vessel – Misery Is A Communicable Disease [Liberation Technologies]
Ontal – Centrifugal Force [Darkfloor Sound]
The 17 Sons of Abraxas – Smoke Poem #3 [Textural Records]
Valgeir Sigurðsson – Big Reveal [Bedroom Community]
RQ – the great palace of cold [dub]
Logos – Stasis Jam [Keysound]
Joe – Maximum Busy Muscle [Hessle Audio]
Tomohiko Sagae – Unfair [Duality]
Voidloss – Heavy Elements [Duality]
Structural Form – Colaps [Zimmer Records]
Planetary Assault Systems – Screen [Peacefrog]
Sawf – Faxta [Audio Assault]
Matter – Layers [Kvitnu]
The KVB – I Only See the Lights (Shifted Version) [Cititrax]
Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Samuel Kerridge remix) [Desire Records]
Adapta – Pagan Rite [Acre Recordings]
Go Hiyama – Geometrical [Audio Assault]
Realmz – Chamber 2 [Sonic Groove]
Shed – I Come By Night [50 Weapons]
Hoth System – The Great Shadow Maker [dub]
sonar – cut us up [Ant-Zen]
Wire – Rail [MORD]
Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Dekmantel]
Gantz – Stayer [Innamind Recordings]
Instra:mental – Aggro Acid [Nonplus]
Plaster – Uret [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
MagneticNW – Corrective Head Surgery [3BS Records]
Radial – Dynamo [Palicavonzvreca]
Yuji Kondo – Tilt [Inner Surface Music]
P.God – Oberon (Ben Gibson remix) [Shades Records]
JPLS – Displacement [Minus]
Inigo Kennedy – Superfluid [Asymmetric]
Reeko / Architectural – Melted [PoleGroup]
Element.Act Vs Hitnoiz – Jenvoipalbou [OPtimum PRoduction]
Hound Scales – Throated (Bleaching Agent remix) [Fifth Wall]
C. Mantle – Congener 1 (Ingen remix) [Acre Recordings]
Savagen – RT2 [Darkfloor Sound]
Filter Dread – War DVB [hedmuk]
AFX – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix) [R+S]
The Bug – Skeng (Autechre Dub) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Madd – The Life You Chose [Black Box]
Savier – Corrupt Regions Padded With Silence [dub]


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