Dave Clarke fabric

Dave Clarke (fabric 60 promo radio mix)

As the digital music takeover continues and we see less and less physical music being released one bastion of the physical format continues (thou they are adapting, now offering a digital subscription). They are that staple of global clubbing; Fabric.

For the 60th release in their fabric mix CD series which covers the deeper more Saturday night vibe of the famous club, welcome a personal favourite, the consistently on point DJ and producer Dave Clarke steps up to the plate. His weekly radio show Whitenoise is about the one constant on my ever changing iPod playlist and he’s one of sadly a few established DJs pushing the proper electro sound of which his CD mix lays down plenty, both of the old guard still making the good stuff and newer lesser known talent pushing through.

Of the 119 CDs currently sitting in the fabric mix collection (don’t forget the Friday night vibed FABRICLIVE concurrent series hitting it’s 60th next month with Brodinski) this has from the off, cemented itself as a bona fide classic, for me, up there with James Lavelle, Weatherall, Tyrant, Luke Slater, Surgeon, and Shackleton.

The attached mix is the promo radio one, which a select few radio shows had access to some weeks back. I wanted to share this mix with you back when I got sent it, but I was told to wait. Until today. Here you go. It’s more techno in focus than Dave’s mix proper for Fabric but no less essential. You can get his Fabric CD direct from the label.

If you’re in London on November 12th, head down to Fabric for the official launch party.

Wilko – Work Ya Body (Darren Rice remix)
The Nighttripper – Tone Explotation (Ben Sims remix)
Spark Taberner – Huisbaas
Fast Eddie – Clap Your Hands (Alanis edit)
Orlando Voorn – Wiggle
Tim Wolff – Angular
Mr. Jones – Armory
Bobmo – Hardbells (Strip Steve & Das Glow remix)
Umek – Lanicor (Christian Smith remix)
Kris Menace & DJ Pierre – Alpha Omega 2012 feat DJ Phuture
Stephan Bodzin Vs Marc Romboy – Puck (Chris Liebing remix)
Joseph McGeechan – Identity (Mike Humphries remake)
Bas Mooy – Krull
Depeche Mode – Dream On (Dave Clarke remix)
Spark Taberner – Slave
Adam Jay – 54 Hurtz
Dave the Drummer – Phantom Power (Mike Humphries remix)
Mike Humphries – Tactical Recon (Spark Taberner remix)
Paul Edge – 23
Mr. Jones – HyperFunk
Niereich – Morpheus
Joey Beltram – Mentasm Mix new


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