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Mantis Radio 341 – Still Heat Recordings

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Showcasing their wonderful sound, in the mix it’s Newcastle Upon Tyne tape label Still Heat Recordings.

Also on the show – industrial DNB from Christoph De Babalon, French Jazz tech, a wedge of techno from Arkham Audio, Mord, and Planet Rhythm Recs. Plus Mosca, Distance, Aaron Spectre, Gunjack, PC Music, Carcass, and Leonard Cohen.

Alcantara – 5 PM At Liverpool St [Pyteca]
Christoph De Babalon – Cool Priest [AD 93]
Brecon – Wound [With Bells Records]
Bada-Bada – Venus [Jazz-o-Tech Records]
J.Blofeld – Batu [Arkham Audio]
Simone Tavazzi – Shine [Planet Rhythm Records]
Gaston Zani – Raw Code V2 [Code Records]
Stefan Alexis – Eratosthene (feat. Inland) [Counterchange Recordings]
Jokasti & Nek – Emmanuel [Mord]
Mosca – The Whole Place Was Crawling [Rent]
Distance – Untouchable VIP [Chestplate]
Aaron Spectre – Killasound [Jahmoni Music]
Gunjack – The 6M Man [self-released]
Ö – AFK [PC Music]
Ghost Low – Negativvv ft. [Ghost Low]
Carcass – Doctrinal Expletives [Earache Records]
Northumbria – Still Valley II [Cryo Chamber]

Carthage – 7 Yard [Still Heat Recordings]
Letters Of Utrecht – The Welcome Plains [Still Heat Recordings]
Luke Lund – Lyijhappo [Still Heat Recordings]
Cut Out – Borough [Still Heat Recordings]
Burnthouse Lane – The Target [Still Heat Recordings]
Joseph Curwen – The Temple (edit) [Still Heat Recordings]
Khost – Storms Unfolded [Still Heat Recordings]
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Raised On Gloop [Still Heat Recordings]
Khost – Lightspill [Still Heat Recordings]
Cauterised – Hermaphrodite Awakens [Still Heat Recordings]
Trium Circulorum – Predictive Algorithm [Still Heat Recordings]
Concrete-Field Wound – Threshold Of Light (Concrete-Field New Dawn Mix) [Still Heat Recordings]
Beachers – All Houses Are Haunted Pt.3 [Still Heat Recordings]
Steckdose – Berlin (edit) [Still Heat Recordings]
A Wake A Week – Reminders [Still Heat Recordings]
Drooping Finger – Convulsions [Still Heat Recordings]
Tulketh – Dry Rot [Still Heat Recordings]
Carthage – 7 Yard (Reprise) [Still Heat Recordings]

Leonard Cohen – The Future (edit) [Columbia]

Featured Guests

My guests this week are the British cassette label Still Heat Recordings.

Since 2015 label owner Simon Smerdon (FKA Mothboy) has championed 17 wonderful and diverse releases from the likes of Carthage, Joseph Curwen, Luke Lund, Tulketh, khost, Whirling Hall of Knives, Concrete Field and Wound, Beachers, and most recently Cut Out. Several of these artists have over the years been featured guests on Mantis Radio – in no small part thanks to the music of Still Heat Recordings and Simon.

With a wonderful showcase session highlighting some of his favourite cuts from the label, I’ve great pleasure in sharing with you all, Still Heat Recordings.

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