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Mantis Radio 248 – DROKKR

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DROKKR showcases his diverse bass and electronics in today’s guest session. In our first hour hear music from Regis, DJ Bone, Radioactive Man, Dom & Roland, Detboi, DJ Funk, Drax, and Stevie Nicks.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 248 – DROKKR

Add N To (X) – Hit For Cheese [Mute]
Xerxes The Dark – Longing To Return [Cold Spring]
Bark – Psk [Rodz Konez]
Mangadrive – Deadly Curves [Mangadrive]
Argento – The Hidden (Infest remix) [Omni Music]
Dom & Roland – U Do Voodoo (Hive remix) [Dom & Roland Productions]
Pessimist – No Matter What ft. Overlook [Blackest Ever Black]
Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen [WEA]
Terrence Dixon – Space Vision [Blumoog Music]
Ben Long – Take Off (Ade Fenton remix) [MODULHERTZ]
Regis – Death Head Said (Version) [Downwards]
DJ Bone – The Music (Samuel L Session remix) [Subject Detroit]
Radioactive Man – Sonic Portal (Ben Pest remix) [Asking For Trouble]
Detboi – Skin Deep [Metalheadz]
Peder Mannerfelt – Stream of Time [Stockholm LTD]
DJ Funk – Run (U.K.) [Funk Records]
Drax – Amphetamine Ayarcana (I’m carnage Edit) [DSNT]
X-313 – Interferon (Dave Clarke remix) [Generator Records]


Featured Guest

Our guest this week is DROKKR, and Dave Mono, and SLOMOKLOKS. Dave Barrett is all of these entities. Hailing from Cork, Ireland Barrett has been producing beats of note for a while now and we’ve great pleasure in presenting an exclusive liveset to you all.

DROKKR is his harder, 140 thing. But it has moved away from a sound that saw him supporting the likes of Hellfish and N-Vitral, Bangface Weekender and dark club spaces in techno mecca Berlin. The Dave Mono project channels his long time love of all things electro and techno, and he’s currently working on a follow up to his debut Mono longplayer Stargazing as I speak.

His most recent alias is SLOMOKLOKS – a project with one one caveat, one rule – everything is to be produced at 100bpm. That’s it. This alias can and has drawn influence from ambient to dubstep to IDM, to sounds that frankly deft easy genre pigeon holing.

Taking you and I to the end of the show, for Mantis Radio 248 it’s DROKKR.

Digital Distortions · 10. Dave Mono – Room Full Of Dirt

SLOMOKLOKS · Summer Is Leaving Us Again
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