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Mantis Radio 234 – Metalogue

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London’s cinematic industrialist Metalogue provides our Mantis Radio session this week. There’s music from Max Cooper, Umor Rex, Forest Swords, Inland, Whirling Hall Of Knives, Peverelist, She Spread Sorrow and The I.L.Y’s.

The Mover – We Have Arrived [killekill]
The Mover – Spirit Slasher [killekill]
James Place – Rumor and Choir [Umor Rex]
She Spread Sorrow – On The Bank Of The River [Cold Spring]
Dust – Circling Of The Seraphim [World Shadow]
Forest Swords – Vandalism [Ninja Tune]
The I.L.Y’s – Wash My Hands Shorty [Third Worlds]
Max Cooper – Chromos [Mesh]
Peverelist – Caught a Glimpse [Magic + Dreams]
Inland – Coriolis [Counterchange Records]
GRYPT – Tin Can Tomb (WMX remix) [Cleopatra Records]
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Fyls [WHOK]
Pendle Watkins – Deal With It [Super Rhythm Trax]
The Person – Circa 2000 [Acroplane]
PEEV – Inflict [No Suit Records]
Shift Worker – Centrum (Swarm Intelligence remix) [Hidden Bones]
Renoizer – Origins [Abstrakt Reflections]
DJ Flow – Journey Into Sound [DJ Flow]

Metalogue – Player Piano (live at Madame Claude Berlin 2016)
Metalogue – Unraveling [Section 27]
Metalogue – We Are Home (live at Towards Collapse 2015)
Metalogue – Only Forward (live at Madame Claude Berlin 2016)
Metalogue – Falling Grains (live London 2016) unreleased
Huron – Right and Wrong Places (Metalogue remix)
Metalogue – False Dawn (live at Madame Claude Berlin 2016) unreleased

Featured Guest

Providing our session this week is Metalogue, AKA Robin Fencott.

I first met Robin in November 2015 when I played at Towards Collapse, a night he co-promotes with Alex Buttonhead (AKA DJ Bin Fetish). At the time I was unaware of the calibre of sound he writes. It wasn’t until earlier this year I heard his work. And, was blown away. Intricate sound. With depth, clarity, weight, pressure, and presence.

Those of you in London, can catch him live, June 8th at The Victoria in Walthamstow for Desolate.

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