this week on Mantis Radio, Texture, in session

Mantis Radio 136 + Texture
Future Music FM – 20:00 August 6th

Our past few radio guests have been heavy on the techno – Go Hiyama, Casual Violence and Savagen so this week we’ve drafted in a session from Scotland’s Bram E. Gieben AKA Texture.

Producer, emcee, vocalist, label co-owner and writer for The Skinny amongst other publications, Bram is multi talented. His mix, much like his Black Lanterns Music netlabel, is diverse and wide styled Accompanying the mix he wrote us some background on the tracks he chose. That will be posted in full with the archive – for now here’s some of what he wrote us:

This mix is filled with music created by friends, and I’m counting in that circle a fair few people who I’ve never met but consider close allies. IRL sometimes gets its ass kicked by URL, as we’re all learning…

…I don’t really give a fuck about beatmatching. Fuck that, I used to be a club DJ, using vinyl, back in the late 90s and early noughties. I’ve done my time counting to four, I feel. I rate it but… it’s a skill I’ve elected not to convert to digital. I mix with eyes and foreknowledge, matching wave shapes. I just play shit that makes my head nod. Bipolar shit that changes tempo frequently, a little bit sad and minimal, a little bit sexy and fucked up. No pigeonholes. Destroy all concepts, burn all prisons.

Dropping later this month (August 20th) is INCVBATE.

Recently (last week in fact) Texture, alongwith label mate Ashmatic Astronaut, began their monthly show on Future Music FM – presenting 2 hours of underground hip-hop and electronic music and if the first show is anything to go by (it is) it’s gonna be a must listen to broadcast.

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