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Mantis Radio 334 – subduxtion

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Mantis Radio welcomes back subduxtion w/ an exclusive recording of his beautiful dub techno performed recently in his home town, Kansas City.

Plus, music from Russian Village Boys, Low Jack & Qoso, Texas, Wu-Tang Clan, Unkle. Shackleton, Katharsys, The Outside Agency, Batu, Seba, Paradox, Max Cooper, Shawn Rudiman, Cruel Nature Records, and Nyege Nyege Tapes’ HHY and the Kampala Unit.

Betavoice, Russian Village Boys – Gabber [Village Gang]
Low Jack & Qoso – Like It Soft [In Paradisum]
Texas ft Wu Tang Clan – Hi (Unkle Reconstruction) [BMG]
Shackleton – Something Tells Me [Woe To The Septic Heart]
Katharsys – Subsiders (Finalfix remix) [Othercide]
Seba & Paradox – Love or Death [Metalheadz]
Oliver Yorke – Silver River [Cosmic Bridge]
Max Cooper – Scalar (feat Alison Moyet) [Mesh]
Limewax – Agent Orange (The Outside Agency remix) [PRSPCT]
Lip Critic – Bike [Cruel Nature Records]
Elia – GRINDER [Laminar Flow]
Kiasu – Bite Marks [self-released]
Batu & Lurka – Curved [Fringe White]
Pera Sta Oris – SCATTER 0ˆ [Musar Recordings]
Shawn Rudiman – There’s a Darkness Under Every Sun [Pittsburgh Tracks]

Recorded live at Phase 4, July 10, 2021

Whoever – 32b [self-released]
HHY & The Kampala Unit – Mesh Intensifier [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

Featured Guest

Christophe Gilmore’s subduxtion alias first guested on Mantis Radio in 2018. That first mixtape was a rich industrial leaning selection w/ tracks from Kerridge, Bestial Mouths, Savier, Danzig, Whirling Hall of Knives, Manni Dee, and Sunn O))), hear it on show 263.

For his second appearance on our enduring show, we’ve great pleasure in sharing a recent recording of his deeply lush dub techno performed live a few weeks ago in Kansas City, MO. A rare thing in these pandemic times, and one we’re very grateful to share with you all. It was recorded at Phase 4 – a night that also featured sets from Bilateral Motion, Metaphysic and Plastic Electronics.

As you’ve probably heard me say on the show in the past few years, his music as subduxtion is some of my favourite deep leaning, contemporary dub techno. Hearing new tracks from him is always a pleasure as they do not disappoint. In the time since we recorded the show, and published early to our patrons, ahead of this general release today he has released a fresh 2 track EP through Milligrid Records entitled Shelter.

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