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Mantis Radio 284 – Jay Fields

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US IDM and electro artist Jay Fields steps up to the session this week. We play music by Perfume, Massive Attack, Max Cooper, Yan Cook, Gian, PRSPCT, The Advent, Andrea Parker, Alpturer, Vex’d, and Techno Animal.

Perfume – Fusion [Perfume Records]
Global Communication – Sublime Creation [Dedicated]
Massive Attack – Risingson (Otherside) [Virgin]
Andrea Parker – Empty Words [Touchin’ Bass]
Barnett+Coloccia – Green Woman [SIGE]
Max Cooper – Molten Landscapes [Mesh]
Yan Cook – Mars Orbiter [Cooked]
Dez Williams – Dailybred [Bass Agenda]
The Mover – Spirit Slasher [Planet Phuture]
The Advent – Visualize [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
Gian – Purple Burglar [LACKREC.]
Vex’d – Titan Rain [Hotflush Recordings]
Selway – Digital Emotion (Serotonin Mix) [Feis]

Piano Experiment #13
Snarefree 808 test 011518
Abandoned Footwear – Edit #8115v2
Theme of 136 (secret ambient edit)
Elemento beatsv2
Aigokeros – Hypostasis v1
Jay Fields & Nezzy Idy – 012316v2 90bpm edit
Theme of 136 (indisharmonic drone)
Something through the waves of time
136 Plonkydb
Theme of 136 (bells edit)
Threez edit
Theme of 136 (stretch edit)
136 Flaps
136 80108 edit
Jay Fields & Michael Buchanan – arp squared jam edit
Elemento 10801 edit
136 Feedback Horn

Alpturer – Rodan [Component Recordings]
Nina Hagen Band – Wau Wau [CBS]
Audeka & Rawtekk – Necromancy [MethLab Recordings]
Techno Animal feat. Anti Pop Consortium – Glass Prism Enclosure [Matador]

Featured Guest

Our guest this week is Californian artist Jay Fields. Part of Oakland based crew Katabatik, alongside Mantis favourite Dimentia, we’ve been keen to showcase his sound since we first heard his track Shortwave recording as Exillon. It’s been worth the wait as Fields has put together an exclusive mix of unheard original and collaborative material for us.

I thought I should make a mix of my own material since no one has really heard this stuff, but upon reviewing all of it, I realised I had collaborated with many friends over the years. There [is] a repeating theme or motif or melody that I remixed or made several variations thereof. … I wanted to big up some artists whom I respect and have [had] the fortune of calling friends – all are worth investigating further.

His session features collaborations with Abandoned Footwear, Aigokeros, Nezzy Idy, and Identity Theft.

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