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Mantis Radio 187 – Pip Williams

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Mantis Radio this week features a guest session from Pip Williams (London Modular Alliance). We play music from Kuedo, Mazzula, Appleblim, The Advent, Monokle, Kvitnu’s latest and plenty more electronic wizardry.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 187 – Pip Williams

Rlyeh1 – A Little Bit Closer [Mindtrick Records]
Kuedo – Border State Collapse [Knives]
Shaddah Tuum – Merkabah vs S-NInYourHead (Kerridge remix) [Portal Editions]
She Spread Sorrow – Red Rumspringa [Cold Spring]
Mingle – Sevi Lwa [Kvitnu]
Quartersized – The False Memory Syndrome Foundation [Quartersized]
black_ops – the last thing that we want [black_ops]
Monokle – Backwash [Ki Records]
Appleblim – Avebury [Tempa]
Alex Schultz – Back Into Space [Wunderblock]
Kenny Campbell – Syphilis Sandwich (Myskoxe remix) [Club Poison]
Unknown Artist – Crossover [Perspektiv]
The Advent – Diverse Scope [Electrix]
A Thousand Details – Putridus [Wretched]
Subjected – Ambro (Acronym remodel) [ARTS]
Dinamite – Forma [Planet Rhythm]
Skee Mask – Larus Canus [Ilian Tape]
Mazzula – Doors [Electrix]
TRO – FP1 [Furioso]
Chinaski – Ghoul School [Common Thread]

Drew Lustman – Wolves
Pangaea – Middleman
Clap! Clap! – Black Smokes, Bad Signs
Pangaea – Sunset Yellow
Millie & Andrea – Temper Tantrum
Lord RAJA – Golden Gravity Birds
London Modular Alliance – Pusher
Morphology – Dust Solution
Randomer – Huh
Chevron – Gary Grew Some Garage
Radioslave – No Sleep (Boddika VIP mix)
2562 – Control
Panagaea – Hex
ERP – Luctu
Raime – Passed Over Trail

Featured Guest

Pip Williams is boss of Shameless Toady, signed to Billy Nasty’s label Electrix, one third of London Modular Alliance, and if that wasn’t enough he also runs the Hackney based London Modular shop. Williams is, clearly, a man completely invested in the sound and world of electro.

He’s recorded a special DJ mix for the show, which is definitely one for the heads out there. If you’re curious about the trio of Modularists (is that even a word) and if you’re based in London or Berlin, you can catch London Modular on September 5th at Abstract Data (a London Modular in-store) and at Berghain on September 18th as part of Electromotive Force.

Mantis Radio returns on September 1st where we’ve a session from French producer Deapmash.

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