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Since 1999 Vocode Records have documented the evolution of electro. They provide this episode’s guest mix – showcasing their label + sound.

Randomform – Segment Slipp [Plataforma-LTW]
8Bitch – In the Moog for Love [Svetlana Industries]
Maps + Diagrams – Savannakhet [Yuki Yaki]
Herzog – Small Loves [Audio Gourmet]
Weldroid – Not Every Neuron [Kahvi]
Petrovszky – Stick to It [Sajgon Records]
Mordant Music – Olde Wobbly [Mordant Music]
Ital Tek – Massive Error [Planet Mu]
kode9 – Swarm [Rephlex]
Jam City – Arpjam [Night Slugs]
Vector Lovers – Girl + Boy (2011 remastered) [Soma]
Kraftwerk – The Model (Dead Sound remix) [unreleased]
the wee djs – g [This Machine is Broken]
michaelangelo – Conception IV [Subsist]
Rory St John – Deglove [Limetree]
Coefficient – Inverse Resonance [Duality]
2methylBulbe1ol – Glocken [Ruff Records]
Mazzula – Enya – Tekkazula [unreleased]
Gunjack & Boriz Noiz – Mukashi No Ningen [Syndetic Recordings]
Somatic Responses – Clone Aware [Acroplane]
Ed Devane – Squib [Takeover Recordings]

Supper Club for One – Styrofoam Sunset [Vocode]
Supper Club for One – Nothing Left To Prove [Vocode]
Supper Club for One – I Understand Perfectly Now [Vocode]
Wazo – Step Up [Vocode]
Silesian Miner’s Collective – Groove A (Derty Ratz) [Vocode]
Gruppe 909 – Outer Insights [Vocode]
Gruppe 909 – Hipsterism Is A Disease [Vocode]
Gruppe 909 – Mad Science [Vocode]
Warsaw Hoolz – Black Gold Caddy [Vocode]
Warsaw Hoolz – Don’t Make Me Smack Yo’ Momma [Vocode]
Original Console Generation – Elektro Mix [unreleased]
Sound Logic – Sage Advice (Vocode Edit) [Vocode]


It’s the final Mantis Radio broadcast of 2010. It’s been a good year here at Darkfloor HQ. Personally the year started off on a bit of downer, and as most people it has had some blips, at times major ones, but overall, things are on the up. The show remains popular, the Darkfloor site is busier and 2011 is shaping up with some quality showcases already lined up. A lot of radio shows around this time of year like to do a retrospective of the year, and whilst I technically could do that, there are just so many fresh new bits I wanna play I don’t have the space.

All the shows are of course tracklisted, archived and made available to download or stream if you fancied digging through the past years efforts. I might do a 2010 retrospective studio mix if I get a chance.

Speaking of showcases as I was but a few lines ago, for our final showcase of the year I’m very happy to present Vocode Records.

Featured Guest

Vocode Records is the offshoot of the long running Vocode Project, documenting the evolution of electro since 1999. The label philosophy is to release electronic music in all its forms, as long as its kopfnicken (which I think translates as head nodding). Expect to see releases in a variety of genres, but primarily in electro-bass with breakbeat grooves. Vocode Records currently operates as a netlabel licensed by creative commons guidelines.

Vocode is tended with loving care by DJ Mad Wax.

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