Mantis Radio 263 + subduxtion


With an industrial leaning selection our session this week comes from US artist subduxtion. We have music from mid 90s Tech Itch, fierce Somatic Responses, Brazilian death metal, beautiful Japanese tech, US EBM techno, German algorave, Cristian Vogel, Siberian drone throat folk-rock, and Shitmat.

Tech Itch – Beings [Moving Shadow]
Special Request – Replicant (Nexus 7 VIP) [Houndstooth]
Digital & Spirit – Captive [31 Records]
Bourbonese Qualk – Escape Velocity [Praxis]
Somatic Responses – ULTRABEATMASTERBATOR [Sub/Version]
Shitmat – More Fire [Planet Mu]
Nytt Land – Darraðarljóð (The Song of the Valkyries) [Cold Spring]
Charles Manier – Plenary Psychic Automatism [Bopside]
Dark0 – Flutter Failure [adult swim]
Gunjack – Fade2Black [self-released]
Calum Gunn – S Aiken and Friendship [CO-DEPENDENT]
Cristian Vogel – Exclusion Waves [Shitkatapult]
Kawatin – Reflection Eternal [Ricochet Records]
Breach – Culture [Naked Naked]

subduxtion – What is War? (Hegemony Mix) [unreleased]
Submechanical – Factory [room:hall]
NAKED – Unleash Me [Halcyon Veil]
Savier – Animals in Bed [Darkfloor Sound]
Sanford Parker – Sheep Slaughter [War Crime Recordings]
Kerridge – MPH [Contort]
subduxtion – Dry [Alrealon Musique]
Bestial Mouths – Vatic Vision [self-released]
Godflesh – Witchhunt [Earache Records]
Danzig – Bringer of Death [American Recordings]
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Sh/loads [WHOK]
Manni Dee – A Lackey for Life [Leyla Records]
SunnO))) – Candlgoat [Southern Lord]

Pixies – Tame (The John Peel Session, October 1988) [4AD]
Lana Del Rabies – Disgrace [Deathbomb Arc]
Krisiun – Bleeding Offers [Century Media]


Stepping into the session this week is Missouri’s subduxtion.

After a decade long hiatus with the project, Kansas City based musician and technologist Christopher Gilmore returned in March with a 2 track release for US label Alrealon Musique. If you caught our March broadcast with Paul Blackford you’ve likely heard from it, the track Dry. Gilmore’s work as subduxtion encompasses a number of styles, has he draws influence from metal, techno, industrial, power electronics, and dark ambient.

A keen collaborator, Gilmore has worked with video artist Heejoo Kim and the video project ‘Paramnesia I‘, a video that saw nominated as Best Experimental Film at Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival. With Chicago’s trans-disciplinary artist Samantha Hill, providing the soundtrack to ‘The Gift Project Chicago‘ – an installation based on the photography of Patrick McCoy. He designed the sound for Franco-American trans-disciplinary artist Gwenn-Ael Lynn’s ‘Audiolfactory Creolization‘ – a piece combining sound with smell, revealing the complexity of creolized identities in Chicago. Additionally, Gilmore has worked with Brooklyn abstract sound collective PAS Musique, the results of which saw release on Alrealon Musique as Reconstruction

His session for the show features his work alongside that of sonic experimentalists, industrial legends, maverick noise merchants and drone metal heavyweights.

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