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Mantis Radio 31 – Gunjack / Hellfire Machina

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Slamming techno don Gunjack AND dubstep duo Hellfire Machina bring their respective sounds to Mantis Radio. Plus, music from C Mantle, Dessben, Black Twang, Gyu, Ellen Allien, Concrete DJz, Phil Kieran, Chris McCormack, and Weatherall’s Primal Scream.

Chase and Status – Eastern Jam [RAM Records]
Absolute Time – Cascade [Bio-Mechanics]
B1tCrunch3r – Coronal Mass Ejection (Zeno remix) [unreleased]
C.Mantle vs G3 – Isle of Dogs v3 [unreleased]
Danjel Esperanza – Rote Tunke [Backdoor Beauty]
Dessben – Tabu [Offaudio]
Black Twang – Travellin’ (Elite Force remix) [unreleased]
Gyu – Spike [unreleased]

Sinistra – Kakax (Gunjack Track Mute Mix) [LOCKED]
Gunjack – 110h St. [BLUELINE]
Unknown – Jack is Dead (remix) [JACKED SERIES]
Gunjack – Favela Rules [unreleased]
Gunjack – Cumbia Sobre El Villaducto [P SERIES]
Gunjack – Batu [unreleased]
Gunjack – Ugly Boys Have More Fun [CONSUME]
(b)racket – Coma91 [CONSUME]
Blackmass Plastics – Uncle Charlie [CONSUME]
Charlton – Rotterdamn [CONSUME]
The Orb and Bill Laswell – Praying Mantis (Gunjack edit) [CONSUME]
Forss – Tacit Knowledge [SOULHACK]

Mothboy – Endless Summer [Acroplane]
Point B – Figit []
Ellen Allien – Down [BPitch Control]
synchronoise – untitled [unreleased]
FM – Hellium [diggarama]
Jemset – Work [Audioexit Records]
Concrete DJz – Humanoid [Armatura Records]
The ERX – Sublimation [Dark Audio]
Phil Kieran – My House [skint]
Chris McCormack – Blackfathom [Materials]

Hellfire Machina – Hellfire Intro
Hellfire Machina – Mantis Stalag
Hellfire Machina – 3 Prayers To Buddha (Junior Gong edit)
Hellfire Machina – Guitar Hero (Mantis edit)
Hellfire Machina – Buddhafist Style
Hellfire Machina – Average Teenager skit
Hellfire Machina – Alien Technology
Hellfire Machina – Living Off Of Grass
Breakzhed – Forever (Hellfire Machina remix)
Hellfire Machina – Hellfire Outro

Primal Scream – Jailbird (Weatherall Dub Chapter 3 Mix) [Creation Records]

episode 31
Being as it’s Valentine’s day, we have a bit of V D massacre for you. Not one, but two showcases on offer, courtesy of Gunjack and Hellfire Machina.

Featured Guest 1
Heading up our first of this weeks 2 showcases, we present Gunjack.

Native to Los Angeles, California, Gunjack AKA Brian Gibbs started his first label, Deafmosaic while residing in Tokyo, Japan. Gibbs later moved to Spain and released many techno gems through Jaxx Records, Madrid. Currently Gibbs is in South America. His beats are utter filth, and his production showcase is going to be a relentless listen make no mistake.

Featured Guest 2
Stepping out from the Big Apple, but originating from London, Hellfire Machina have been turning heads since the projects inception last year. Sonic exploration in the realm of 140 bpm, with an ethos of non conformity, heavy bass and fierce attitude, the Hellfire crew are set to explode. Their productions have already been devastating dancefloors around the world which has led to a biweekly DJ residency in New York, numerous releases penned for the first part of 2009 not to mention a host of remixes that are currently being crafted in their studio Planet Twisted.

Hellfire consists of Jody Shires aka Mechabot1 (one half of Sunz Of Mecha + Uncouth Youth / label boss of Mechanoise / owner of BreaksFM), Tom Williams aka Chosen Substance (founding member of Junglist Movement and Raw Groove), and Michael Deane aka Mikey FX (one half of Cause n FX / part of the team behind Mechanoise).

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