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Mantis Radio present a live session from French producer Somaticae. Supporting that, tracks from AnD, Alphaxone, Dalglish, Laurel Halo, Muslimgauze, Synus0006, Vatican Shadow, and Autechre.

Autechre – tac Lacora [Warp]
Moresounds – Flocon (House of Black Lanterns remix) [Astrophonica]
Run the Jewels – Get It [Fool’s Gold Records]
Nonima – Trealop [Section 27]
Silent Type + Sativa Dub – You Can’t Hide [CRONIC]
Silent Type + Sativa Dub – Rendition [CRONIC]
Dalglish – Sclunt [PAN]
Muslimgauze – Systemwide Virus Abuse 1 [Staalplaat]
Control – Transgression [Ant-Zen]
Biosphere – Cloudwalker Ii [Apollo]
Perial – 2770 [Reaktivate]
Dyskhord – No Mystery (Bombardier remix) [CRL Studios]
Synus0006 – Ateist [Chi Recordings]
Blue Blocker Rockers – Therapy [Vocode Records]
Hieroglyphic Being – A Morphic Resonance [The Wire]
Dronelock – Clusters Part 2 [Weekend World Recordings]
Semtek – Brujo (Those Votive Beats) [Broken20]
Run the Jewels – Sea Legs [Fool’s Gold Records]
Alphaxone – Signals [Kalpamantra]

Recorded live at A.Live Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia 27.09.2013

Laurel Halo – Oneiroi [Hyperdub]
Vatican Shadow – Remember Your Black Day [Hospital Productions]
AnD – Changed My Views [Ann Aimee]


Somaticae is one of those producers for whom the music speaks volumes and prefers to have his personality remain in the background – which some might regard as mysterious. Who he is isn’t necessarily important. His live shows can often be dramatic and feature sounds that might be unexpected to the uninitiated. His work on Paris label In Paradisum fits but also embraces it’s own place on the label. His sound is techno, of a sort.

His album Catharsis, released on In Paradisum is a richly textured work that experiments and doesn’t offer a straight listen to those who take it on – or indeed, peaktime tracks for the masses. This is a shadowed headspace that rewards those willing to let it in. The album notes that

the watchword for the unprepared listener has to be “expect the unexpected” (which is an understatement). He can abruptly shift gears between dark ambient/contemporary classical and quirky metal/rave hybrid, yet all the time maintaining the odd uncompromising and dark atmospheres that are his signature.

It follows several EPs (two on In Paradisum) and netaudio releases on brainstormlab, Cold Room Netlabel, and a 2007 album on Annexia – Coninae.

A new album is on the way, Le Puits et le Pendule under his dark ambient guise Insiden. That’s forthcoming in January, also on In Paradisum.

His session tonight – an exclusive airing of a recent set in Bratislava with visual artist Stix for Alive festival.

For my lives I use Reaktor and Ableton Live. Basically, my set-up is like using advanced Korg Electribes on a computer (with samples I created first) and distortion effects. And I also use a noise pedal.

Those of you in Paris can catch him performing November 30th at Garage Mu alongside the excellent Container.

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