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Mantis Radio 170 – Alavux

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Alavux (Serbia) is in the mix marking his new album. Hear tracks by Flava D, Huron, Proxima, Mad EP, Lord RAJA, DJ Spider, and a classic from Sun Ra.

Flava D – Xmas Riddim [Flava D]
Diarmo – Sleep Berlin (Manoeuvre remix) [(Basilar]
Huron – Autom [CRL Studios]
Mad EP – Aliasing [CRL Studios]
Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui P. Andrade – looper drone bass [HAZE Netlabel]
Lewis Fautzi – Tremors [Soma Records]
D/SIR – Censer [Bandcamp]
Graphs – Posthuman [Cosmic Bridge]
Kursa and Duskky – Sesquipedalian [Wonk#ay Records]
Powell – Oh No New York [Diagonal]
Lord RAJA – Van Go (feat. Jeremiah Jae) [Ghostly International]
Sun Ra – Nuclear War [Y Records]
Zavoloka – Vilna [Kvitnu]
R&R – Parzival [Geométrika FM]
DJ Spider – Their Mindless Heard [Studio R]
Roman Poncet – Walfisch (Robert Hood remix) [ARTS Collective]
Scalameriya – Delegator [Genesa Records]
Soundbwoy Killah – The Bounce [Bodyjack]
Dillinja – Grimey (North Base remix) [V Recordings]
Proxima – Pressurized (feat. P Money) [Tempa]
Krizzli – Moderate Coffein [Clubwerks]

Alavux – Intro 01x Lunar Base 000
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 010
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 007
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 008
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 012
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 006
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 011
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 003
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 009
Alavux – 01x Lunar Base 005
Alavux – Coitus 01
Alavux – Coitus 02
Alavux – Coiutus 03 (Subagitatio)

Featured Guest

Serbia’s electro man Alavux has been pushing the sound of electro into Eastern Europe for the last half decade with his own E75 Records as well as through releases on Digital Distortions, Battery Park Studios, Twilight 75, Vocode Records, Elektropunkz and more.

For tonight’s show, Goran Alavux has recorded us a special live set, coinciding with his new album 01x Lunar Base, available through Italian label Cielo Do Orione. It’s his first techno release proper and as you’ll hear in the session, shows a level of confidence in the production as well as strains of influence from his work in the sound of electro.

Don Hill

As mentioned on the show, Millipede’s Don Hill (Hymen Records) was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer earlier this year and US label CRL Studios have put together 3 compilations raising money for his medical bills. More details about their campaign, including the upcoming charity event to be held in January in Chicago can be found here.


I’d like to extend a huge thanks to all our guests in 2014 and to you, our listeners. We’ll return in 2015 with more radio, more guests, our 5th and 6th Darkfloor Sound EPs, and some events in London. Muchlove, D.

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