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Mantis Radio 338 – Dahjyn

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Bringing a dank and visceral selection to the show it’s Dahjyn. I’ve a few dark shadow cuts to share too.

Hear tracks from Old Tower’s brand new LP, psychobilly bands Demented Are Go, and The Grims. Dustbowl blues from Lead Belly & Woody Guthrie. Plus, bass flexing heft from Ivy Lab, and Kevin Martin’s G36. There’s brand new music from Charlton, HAAi, The Outside Agency, and Midnight Shift’s Nothus. Classics from The Prodigy, and Throbbing Gristle. Laying in wait you’ll also hear death industrial by Sweden’s Brighter Death Now, Danish warped pop from Jealous People, mid 70s era King Crimson, and to finish you off – new death metal filth by Eternal Rot.

Old Tower – Woods of Algor [Hospital Productions]
Demented Are Go – House of Blood [Fury Records]
Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, and Cisco Houston – Midnight Special [RCA Victor]
The Grims – The Ride to Solitude [self released]
G36 – Sulfur [Pressure]
Nothus – Metal Gear Chronicles [Midnight Shift]
Ivy Lab – Gutted [20/20 LDN Recordings]
The Outside Agency – Like A Fire [PRSPCT Recordings]
HAAi – Keep on Believing [Mute]
Charlton – Mellowing Out at 2AM [Mord Records]
The Prodigy – Fire [XL Recordings]
Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady [Mute]
Brighter Death Now – Necrose Evangelicum [Cold Meat Industry]
Jealous People – Circle [New York Haunted]
King Crimson – Red [Island Records]

Granule – Lucifer Rising [Bedouin Records]
Duma – Sin Nature [Nyege Nyege Tapes]
Eartaker – Stupa [Bedouin Records]
Onry? – Onibaba [Ohm Resistance]
Dahjyn – Stacks of Bleed [Most Dismal Swamp]
Slikback ft. Ziur – BANSHEE [self released]
Lord Crucifix – Sacrificial Altar [Natural Sciences]
Virgin Prunes – Rhetoric [Mute]
Scorn – Distortion [Ohm Resistance]
The Blood of Heroes – Dogtown [Ohm Resistance]
Jamakabi – Hot it Up (Kahn & Neek remix) [Bandulu Records]
Tricky – Makes Me Wanna Die [4th & Broadway]

Tarker – Technique [Hayes]
Eternal Rot – Dreaming The Landscapes Of Finality [Behind The Mountain]

Featured Guest

My guest this week is the Brooklyn based producer and vocalist Dahjyn. He’s a resident on Hong Kong Community Radio and in August he released The Gall – his debut EP – on the experimental art platform and label Most Dismal Swamp. His mix for the show is rich in visceral textures and intensity.

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