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Mantis Radio 316 – Flore

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In the mix it’s Flore, label boss of POLAAR.

Mike plays new music from Opal Tapes, Dexterous Numerics, Forest Drive West, Samurai Music, hardcore punk band Ballpeen, Ovid & Tension, Shinichi Atobe, Deathbed Tapes, Ipecac Recordings, thatboytim, and Dewtone Recordings.

Sinjin Hawke, CanBlaster – Monolith (Overture) (Canblaster remix) [Fractal Fantasy]
Autumns – Doire Dog Race [Opal Tapes]
Ovid & Tension – Impish [Flood]
All Saints – PURESHOREZ0000 (portara0000 remix) [goddezz]
Dexterous Numerics – Leap of Faith [unreleased]
Forest Drive West – Impulse [R & S Records]
Roho – Dark Forest [Samurai Music]
Consulate – Bloodline [Bitterfeld]
Ballpeen – One Man’s Opinion [Cruel Nature Records]
Noumen – Hydra [Central Processing Unit]
DODSSANG TEMPEL – Demons of Old Norsk Darkness [Deathbed Tapes]
GOLPESAR – Speak in Semaphore [Opal Tapes]
Shinichi Atobe – Lake 3 [DDS]
thatboytim – Steady On [unreleased]

Esther – ?? [POLAAR]
JV & Palf – Out Front [Panel Audio]
A-Sim – Weirdo Indian [Eddy Larkin]
Doctor Jeep – Acolyte [SPE:C]
Dominowe – The Return Of Shaka (Core Tribe) [GQOM OH!]
Formation Boyz – Back Then [GQOM OH!]
A Made Up Sound – Take the Plunge (Beat mix) [A Made Up Sound]
Prettybwoy – Hansei (acapella) [POLAAR]
TLC Fam – Commando [GQOM OH!]
Deena Abdelwahed – Lila fi Tounes [InFiné]
Flore – Xenoglossia [self released]
Hodge – Silo [Mother’s Finest]
A-Sim – Silly [Human Disease Network Recordings]
Ploy – Roy’s Rolls [Timedance]
Esther – ?? [POLAAR]

Purl – Emissary [Dewtone Recordings]
Jaye Jayle – I Need You [Ipecac Recordings]

Featured Guest

In for a guest mix this week, it’s French producer Flore. Label head of POLAAR, she has been on our list for a long time. Her session does not disappoint, expertly showcasing her love of percussion rich bass heavy dance music. From her early days as a breaks producer releasing music with the likes of Botchit & Scarper, Splank, and Mofo, to launching POLAAR, with Marc Weistroff in 2014 she has continued to purse her love of drums and bass.

POLAAR is a label and sound obsessed with raw drums and cinematic atmosphere. A label that has found its place between techno, breaks, instrumental grime, and hard drum.

In April her new album Rituals dropped on POLAAR. A fantastic 10 track work across a range of tempos, but all packing some serious bassweight, broken rhythms, and breakstep. The first remix EP, featuring versions from Hodge, Walton and 3Phaz, dropped in June. A second remix EP is due soon. If the sounds of Flore and POLAAR aren’t in your record collection just yet, they soon will be.

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