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Mantis Radio 260 – Submechanical

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Submechanical continues the legacy of rancid noise laid down by the defunct British abstract dubstep industrialists Cloaks. His session is horrible, crunchy, intense sound.

We’ve music by Blanck Mass, RUI HO, Happa, Bjork, She Spread Sorrow, Calum Gunn, Somatic Responses, and Savier, remixed by Herd.

Savier – The Fountain of Perpetual Decrepitude (Herd remix) [Darkfloor Sound]
Somatic Responses – DrmMchaina [Viral Conspiracy Records]
Calum Gunn – Fluidous [CO-DEPENDENT]
Blanck Mass – Rhesus Negative (Naked remix) [Sacred Bones Records]
She Spread Sorrow – Night One [Cold Spring Records]
Keiji Haino – Tenshi No Gijinka (Untitled Track 3) [Tzadik]
RUI HO – Theia Impact [Objects Limited]
Rognvald – Clatlife [Love Love Records]
Patrick Dre – Mis [Drec]
Slam – Mistral [Soma Records]
Happa – Clouds (Sax) [PT/5 Records]
Bjork – Pagan Poetry (Infusion Mix) [rr1000]
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence [Whities]
Cyphr – Repent [Her Records]

Robin Killing Machine [room:hall]
Cloaks – Detritus Version (Submechanical remix)
Machine Of War
Inside The Oil Tank [thirdtypetapes]
Inside The Dub
Armoury [Jezgro]
Tough Break
Pressure [Jezgro]
Population Control Dub
Electrobuzz [room:hall]
Drone Swarm
Factory [room:hall]

clipping. – Taking Off (Ursa remix 1.1) [unreleased]
Lorde – Sober [Universal Music New Zealand]

Featured Guest

Our guest this week is Submechanical.

In 2007 an EP surfaced by a duo called Cloaks on Werk Discs – the Ninja Tune affiliated label headed up by Actress. Two years later in 2009 this pair would unleash Versus Grain on 3by3. A record label that whilst living for just 3 years would also release unflinching noisy stuff from JK Flesh and Dead Fader. Cloaks would release two albums, two EPs and a remix collection featuring amongst others Ancient Methods. Their sound was an industrial slaughterhouse of grim breaks, noise and dubstep. Kind of like Vex’d, but different. More distorted and twisted. With a raw, metal intensity. Then in 2011 – the music stopped and Cloaks were no more.

Fast forward six years to 2017 and Submechanical surfaced on thirdtypetapes – which turned out to be the solo project of one half of Cloaks. Though he first appeared as far as we’re aware in March 2015 at London event Towards Collapse.

Earlier this year Jezgro released two EPs of material. Armoury – four cuts of original work, and Remixes, featuring Profilgate, Death Qualia, Shadows and Huren. In January Russian label room:hall released Robot Killing Machine.

Submechanical’s exclusive session was constructed using only analogue and valve technology hardware for maximum sonic disruption. You have been warned.

This Friday March 29, our label Darkfloor Sound releases The Fountain of Perpetual Decrepitude, by Savier featuring a remix by Submechanical of the album’s title track.

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