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Sunil Sharpe is one of the best techno DJs in the world. Hear why as he slams down a proper blast of a mix for Mantis Radio, packing tracks from the likes of Drexciya, Surgeon, Cloaks, Perc, DMX Krew, and Jeff Mills.

Skullflower – Hanged Man’s Seed [Cold Spring]
DJ Producer vs Bong-Ra – Techno Bloodclot [PRSPCT XTRM]
Techno Animal – Bass Concussion [Position Chrome]
Cloaks – Sixmenace Two (oyaarss remix) [3BY3]
Ringo Deathstarr – Just You [Vinyl Junkie Records]
Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss Blood Rage mix) [unreleased]
Mr. Jones – Armory (Sunil Sharpe remix) [Heavy Reel]
Slam – Alien Radio (Harvey McKay remix) [Soma Recordings]
David Meiser – The Thinker [unreleased]
Global Goon – Glueball Gruel [J-Hok]
Neil Landstrumm – Chijit [Snork Enterprises]
Roberto Capuanao – Invaders Are Back (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) [Driving Forces Recordings]
Paul Mac + Mark Broom – I Don’t Know [Beardman]
Swarm Intelligence – Shorn [unreleased]
i1 Ambivalent – World Uncanny [Limetree Projects]
Claro Intelecto – Tone [Ai Records]
Exillon – Shortwave [Katabatik]

Meat Beat Manifesto – Mindstream (Psychedelically Speaking) [PIAS]
+ Cylob – Durftal [Rephlex]
Martyn – Viper (Ghost People Edit) [Brainfeeder]
Adapta – Isokon Lawn [Brutalist Sunset]
Clatterbox – Data Stream [Frustrated Funk]
DMX Krew – RX5 Cassette Loop [Breakin’ Records]
Surgeon – The Power Of Doubt [Dynamic Tension]
Perc – You Saw Me (Sigha + Truss remix) [Perc Trax]
Traversable Wormhole – Superluminal [Traversable Wormhole]
Handahófi Tíðni – Warm Ice [A1] [Handahófi Tíðni-Musik]
Cari Lekebusch – In Stockholm We Dwell [Hybrid Sound Architectures]
Nether Void a.ka. DJ Lock – Paranoid [Reaktor]
Shadow Runner – Acid Assassin [Minimum Syndicat]
Prozac – The Super High Tax Track [Disko B]
Marc Du Mosch – Captain Bligh [Moustache Techno]
Drexciya – Devil Ray Cove [Tresor]
Alex Cortex – Soliton (DJ Stingray remix) [Pomelo]
Reeko – Thick Matter [Mental Disorder]
Sunil Sharpe – Line Rage [Black Sun Records]
Delta Funktionen – Torpor [Ann Aimee]
Reeko – Look At Me [Planet Rhythm]
Mist – Like Tears In Rain [A2] [Cosmic]
Jeff Mills – The Extremist (Retro Mix) [Tresor]
Planetary Assault Systems – Cold Bolster [Ostgut Ton]
Vital Ferox – Selerotika [Dancefloor Killers]
Gesaffelstein – Conspiracy Origins [Turbo]
Logik Party – Ad Finem [Richter Collective]
Cloaks – Rust On Metal (JK Flesh remix) [3by3]

We’ve showcased several artists from Ireland already this year; Spookhouse, Hoth System and Dublin bred now Berlin based Swarm Intelligence. Numerous tracks from a wealth of talented Irish producers have made the show, one in particular is our guest today. Please welcome the superb Sunil Sharpe.

Featured Guest

One of Ireland’s most celebrated underground DJs, Sunil Sharpe has been honing his turntable skills since the late 90s, taking to the clubs in late 2000. There he quickly gained a formidable reputation for his quick fire mixing and fast paced sets that were to be heard regularly at clubs across the country and Europe, including an early appearance at Berlin’s legendary Tresor Club in 2001.

Sunil’s popularity has gone beyond the techno scene too, and was further acknowledged this year when he won ‘Best DJ’ at the Irish Dance Music Awards. Sunil has been part of national radio station RTE 2FM’s ‘Late Night Sessions‘ team since 2006 and is also a DJ Techniques tutor at Bray Institute of Further Education, where he has taught since 2005.

Sunil’s many productions have appeared on labels including Tonewrecker, Bastardo Electrico, Labrynth, Mantrap, Takeover, Open Source and others.

His debut Tricaustic release, Caustiphobic Pressure EP (with Jon Hussey) came out on English imprint Komisch last month, while his own BSR03 has just been released on another shadowy UK label, Black Sun Records.

Sunil next month appears alongside Ben Sims to remix the Mr Jones track Armory, coming out on Heavy Reel. Meanwhile, following the fierce rave-injected 12″ from anodyne earlier this year, Sunil’s Earwiggle label will shortly release Steve Stoll’s first full 12″ in over five years: Hyperrealism Part 3.

To say Sunil is busy is doing him a disservice, he’s beyond that. It’s been a journey getting him to record a session for us, though one we’re massively thankful to present tonight.

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