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Mantis Radio 25 – kern

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kern (Phonocake) presents his wonderful electronics w/ an exclusive production showcase for Mantis Radio. Hear music by Enough Records, sclist, Tipper, Mad-Tek & Dan Fix, Si Begg, Akira Kiteshi, Kiki Pravada, and Danjel Esperanza.

BreakBeatBuddha – Hustlers Concerto [unreleased]
Ckz – Heart [Enough Records]
Mark O’Sullivan – Ghost’s of Acid (Thoverstam remix) [Nice and Nasty]
sclist – Needles [unreleased]
Danjel Esperanza – Mindfreak (Demir and Seyman remix) [Meloen Music]
Danjel Esperanza – Little Weirdy [Meleon Music]
Kike Pravada – Dropship [Off Audio]
Communicon – Anti Grav Suit [The Centrifuge]
Tipper – Open The Jowels (VIP Mix) [Tippermusic]
Unknown – Jag-Wah [Overground Persistence]
Mad-Tek and Dan Fix – Micro-Riddim [Digital Distortions]
Psilocin – Their Vessel [unreleased]
Innasekt – Static [Frijsfo Beats]
Si Begg – 16 Lover (M6 remix) [Noodles]
Vadz – I Was Wondering (Akira Kiteshi remix) [WIDE]


Ebola – Happy Nausea [Acroplane]

Featured Guest

Based in Dresden, Germany; Kern is a recent discovery of mine and I was really impressed with his liveset release for the Phonocake label. Things being as they are I asked him to provide a mix for the show.

He is a member of the collective Idealfun and alongside the Kern name has 2 other alias: dk69 and One Day in Metropia.

His list of influences goes a little bit like this: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Hia, Drexciya, Datathief, Nautilus, The Orb, FSOL, Squarepusher, DMX Krew, b12, Biosphere, Massive Attack, Aux88, Venetian Snares, Dynamix II, Warp, Planet Mu, Underground Resistance, and more.

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