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Mantis Radio 150 – Objekt

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Marking the occasion of 150 shows we’ve huge pleasure in presenting an exclusive and rare session mix from Objekt. Before that, music by Pan Sonic, Broken Note, Blackmass Plastics, Ursa, and Mondkopf.

Christian Löffler – Notes (Monokle remix) [Ki Records]
LAICA – Mr Underwood’s Environment (MrUnderwood remix) [LAICA]
Mondkopf – Cause + Cure [In Paradisum]
Orphan Swords – Räum remix by Dwellings [idiosyncratics]
Pan Sonic – 4’41” [Kvitnu]
algo – CNX [algorhythms]
Man Is A Rope (ft. Karl O’Connor) – Woman That Melted [Variance New York]
VSK – 94 [Consumer Recreation Service Ltd]
Shards – Wentworth [Mord]
Blackmass Plastics – Doomatron [Ugly Funk]
Danny Daze – Beatdown ft Translucent [ULTRAMAJIC]
Adapta – Future [Brutalist Sunset]
Zenker Brothers – Vamp Like [Tresor]
Anodyne – Thanatos Rising [Yellow Machines]
Ursa – Early Extremities [Ricochet Records]
Timothy Alexander – Sentience III [Sonic Groove]
Draag – Occulted [Flexxseal]
Tech Itch – Soulstone [Ascension]
Broken Note – Stitch [Ad Noiseam]

Don’t DJ
Jeff Rushin? Ruskin? – infiltrate
Something off the newish Terrence Dixon album
Er, not sure, it’s on Ant-Zen from like 2004, maybe Orphx?
Ancient Methods and Orphx – Kali (i think)
Radial – NYE
Stenny – Local Fields
Some grime. At least I think so as it’s off a CD that says GRIME on it
Takaaki Itoh / Shufflemaster rmx
Sir Stephen on AMR
The Cops and I
Fret (Mick Harris)
Kenny Larkin – Funk In Space
An-i – Convo
Autechre – 777
TX81Z – Googol

Sturqen – VAS IN [Silvox Recordings]

Featured Guest

TJ Hertz aka Objekt needs little introduction. Following his self released EPs back in 2011 TJ has become a producer, remixer and DJ of cult like status. And rightly so. His recorded sets are few and far between and whilst he might not be on club flyers every weekend, when he is, you can be sure he will be the highlight of the weekend. Without a doubt he is one of my absolute favourite DJs and to be able to present his session tonight makes me quite warm and fuzzy.

Things are looking good as far as releases go for TJ this year. First up will be his track Balloons, forthcoming on London’s hard rave label Power Vacuum as part of the Vectors compilation. It’s a compilation he shares with JoeFarr & J.Tijn, Positive Merge and An-i (who’s track Convo you’ll hear around the 35minute mark in his session). In a few weeks he’s a Jon Hopkins remix surfacing; a collaborative track with The Analogue Cops (which is also included in his session) and a spilt single that he can’t say any more about at the moment. That’s due in a few months.

Those of you in London can catch him supporting Jon Hopkins this Saturday at The Forum.

Reaching the milestone of 150 shows has been an immeasurably interesting journey, thank you for joining us this far.

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