Northumbria’s drone metal ‘The Silver Forest’

The Toronto based duo Northumbria have recorded and released a new track: The Silver Forest.

Jim Field and Dorian Williamson are Northumbria – who if you’re not familar are a Canadian ambient drone metal group formed 2 years back in 2011. They keep things simple (but effective) utilising only guitar and bass – as they put it “mega amplified“. Which they then record live.

a wall of improvised drones that take the listener on a sonic journey through a dystopian landscape.

Which sums up just right exactly what you’ll get over the proceeding 9 minutes.

This song was originally composed for the Net Label Waxen Wings, as part of their compilation A Picture is Worth 1000 Hz.

It forms part of several releases the duo have available with their debut album S/T seeing release last year on TQA Records.

Northumbria – The Silver Forest

1. Motion Of Clouds 00:00-03:50
2. The Sun Also Rises 03:50-05:40
3. Silver Forest 05:40-09:10


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