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Mantis Radio 328 – SciFiSol

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SciFiSol brings her beautiful voice led captivating electronica alongside influences and favourites to today’s guest mix.

Meanwhile we’ve techno cuts from Anodyne and Primary Node, Mike Davis, Lewis Fautzi, and Phase Fatale, with electro from Radioactive Man, [k]racktonik[k], Gramrcy and De Grandi, Alex Index and Hedchef, being, Inhalt, remixed by This Mortal Coil’s John Fryer. Plus – Gojira, Sarah McLachlan, William Orbit, and Ezuri.

Anodyne – We Are Not Okay (Primary Node remix) [Acroplane Recordings]
Mike Davis – Anti-Mimesis 4 [Brenda]
Lewis Fautzi – Processes [Mord]
Phase Fatale – Reverse Fall [Ostgut Ton]
Artik – Agoraphobia [Ohm Resistance]
iFormat – Soldiers Of Misfortune [Local Sound Network]
Alex Index – Party Time (Hedchef remix) [INDEXLIFE]
The 5% Nation of Casiotone – Static Lock [[k]rack-troni[k]]
Radioactive Man – Unsaid [Asking For Trouble]
Gramrcy & De Grandi – Sea in Air [Petrola 80]
Red Stars Over Tokyo & Ezuri – Underwater Love [unreleased]
Sarah McLachlan – Black (William Orbit Mix) [Nettwerk]
Malcom Pardon – Blood in Water [The New Black]
James Ruskin – Drums Eyes [Blueprint]

3RA1N1AC – Fresh New Eyes [Touch And Go]
Coil – Blue Rats [Cold Spring Records]
DAF – Sato-Sato [Grönland Records]
SciFiSol – Nikki [Female Pressure]
Suicide – Devastation [Blast First]
Ciccone Youth – G-force [Mute]
Gudrun Gut – Cry Easy [Monika Enterprise]
Genevieve Pasquier – I Am Not Yours [Ant-Zen]
SciFiSol – Dreamzone [Detroit Underground]
Die Hexen – Siamese [Die Hexen]
Cocteau Twins – Otterley [4AD]
Solar Drift – Sun Reflection feat. SciFiSol & Señor Frio [SDM Records]

Gojira – The Cell [Roadrunner Records]
being – Tannoy [Firecracker Recordings]
Inhalt – Language (John Fryer remix) [Mechatronica]

Featured Guest

Providing our mix today – Portland based musician SciFiSol.

Her captivating electronica, and voice, is a distinctly enchanted sound. She’s a psychedelic edge to the texture and rhythm of productions, which bridge the worlds of darkwave, IDM, and experimental electronica. Utilizing her beautiful voice, she draws you deeper into her world.

Last year she released through Detroit Underground, Alien Tung. A wonderful release and follow up to her 2017 EP, Drawingboard. A track from which you’ll hear towards the end of today’s session, which is a mix of her own music and that of influences and favourites including DAF, Coil, Suicide, Ciccone Youth, Cocteau Twins, and Solar Drift.

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