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Mantis Radio 303 – Acid

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Our show this week is a special extended edition celebrating the sound of the Roland TB-303 and acid.

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Acid Warrior – Acid Bites [Junkfood Records]
Aubrey – 3D Acid [Solid Groove]
Solar Quest – Acid Air Raid (Analogue Attack) [Choci’s Chewns]
100% Acidiferous – 303 State [100% Acidiferous]
Immersion – My Name Is Acid [Routemaster Records]
Sarcoblast – Roland Abuse [Routemaster Records]
Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang The Acid [Synewave]
Somatic Responses – Phuture Past (acidmix) [Viral Conspiracy Records]
Sielwolf – Beweglich Animalisch (Lassigue Bendthaus Mix) [KK Records]
Union Jack – Red Herring [Rising High Records]
Aphex Twin – Digeridoo [R & S Records]
Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Shout [Trax Records]
Luke Vibert – Funky Acid Stuff [Planet Mu]
Phuture – Acid Trax [Trax Records]
Photek – Junk [Science]
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray [Rham!]
Phortune – Can You Feel The Bass [Hot Mix 5 Records]
808 State – Flow Coma [Rephlex]
Paranoid London – Eating Glue [Paranoid London Records]
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash [Transmat]
Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Original Tweekin’ Acid Funk Mix) [Manifesto]
D-Mob – We Call It Acieed (The Matey Mix) [FFRR]
Tyree – Acid Crash [House Musik]
DJ HMC – 6AM [Undefined Recordings]
Larry Heard Presents Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version) [Alleviated Records]
Hardfloor – Acperience 1 [Eye Q Records]
Syntheme – Red [Planet Mu]
Ceephax Acid Crew – Prelude In 303 Major [Marguerita Recordings]
Fat Boy Slim – Everybody Needs a 303 [Skint]
DJ Pierre – Box Energy [Trax Records]
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child [Desire Records]
Josh Wink – Are You There (New Mix) [Ovum Recordings]
Planet of Drums – Acid Over Manhattan [Planet Of Drums]
Choice – Acid Eiffel [Fragile Records]
Pump Panel – Confusion Dub [Missile Records]
Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 7 [Virgin]
Lauren Flax – (You Have to) Work [The Bunker New York]
DJ Pierre – We Are Phuture (Dave the Drummer cover version)
Mad Mike – Death Star [Underground Resistance]
Cursor Miner – Millions of Frogs [The Centrifuge]
UR – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]
Squarepusher – Square Rave [Warp Records]


All the music featured this week was chosen by you – the listeners, followers, and patrons of Mantis Radio.

From your many contributions, highlighting your favourites, here are 42 of them. Covering the sound’s origins in 1987 right through until 2019. To everyone who contributed, thank you, so, so much. So many awesome tracks were submitted, most of which are here on this show. Apologies if your chosen track(s) didn’t make it, a list has been kept and will most likely appear on future shows.

Thanks to:
Ola Podgorska, Olly Checkley, Joe Muggs, Malcolm Chalmers, Stacie-Anne Churchman, Owain Griffiths, Crystal Cage, Damian B, Dr Schmidt, Vacated, Inge K, Steve Kennedy, Voidloss, Posthuman, C Mantle, Dave Mono, Platinum Ray, Bandcloud, T.R.O., Darren Broomhead, Lu La Loop, mykx, Danny Vandal, Simon Heartfield, BigGlitch1, Submechanical, Raven Sigh, Julian Morawe, Paul Willis, Chris MacP, and Nick Barclay.

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