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Mantis Radio 318 – Zaax

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With a powerhouse selection of industrial sound, in session it’s Zaax.

Mike plays original 1994 jungle business from Skeleton Recordings, proto neuro dnb from Spor, and amen darkside assault from Tech Itch, Kryptic Minds, and Leon Switch. Plus, brand new tracks from Go Hiyama and Max Cooper. And, music by Autechre, Radioactive Man, Boxed, Agon Branza, Sewerslvt, Inhalt, Renegade Hardware, and SoundWitch.

Steve C & Monita – The Razors Edge [Skeleton Recordings]
Spor – Ignition [Renegade Hardware]
Evol Intent, Ewun – The Rapture [Human Imprint Recordings]
Tech Itch – Pressure Drop (Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds remix) [Penetration]
Monochrome & Subphonics – Capacity [Renegade Hardware]
Inhalt – Commerce (David Harrow remix) [Mechatronica]
Autechre – Ipacial Section [Warp Records]
Max Cooper – Reflect [Mesh]
Takaaki Itoh – See Nothing [MB Selektions]
Go Hiyama – Vortex and Scales and Thorns [HueHelix]
Michal Jablonski – Higgs (VSK remix) [Binary Cells]
Jawside & Hypna – Waterspray [Boxed]
Sewerslvt – Luciferians [Sewerslvt]
Agon Branza – Glitter Guns [Agon Branza]

Laxative Souls – Niccolai [Strut]
Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady [Industrial Records]
Gray – Eight Hour Religion [Plush Safe Records]
Chbb – Chou Frou [Doppelspaltplatten]
ZAAX – Gekozen [unreleased]
Greg Beato – Satan’s Daughter Is Back [Apron Records]
Witch – S2007 [PT/5 Records]
Ontal – Assembly Line [Mord]
Ludgate Squatter – Finite [99CTS RCRDS]
Fallbeil – Horn of Glory [Boidae]
Suicide Commando – Traumatize [Synthetic Symphony]
Eindkrak – On ne part pas [Vastechoses]
UVB76 – Gauze [Rubber]
Datasmok, D. Carbone – Smokbone 2 [Repitch Recordings]
ZAAX – Metatsunami [unreleased]
S.W.S – Durcheinander [Raw Russian]
Futurisk – Lonely Streets [Minimal Wave]
Medio Mutante – Another Land [Cititrax]
The Residents feat. Renaldo & The Loaf – Extra: Version [Ralph Records]

Radioactive Man – Fed-Ex To Munchen [Rotters Golf Club]
SoundWitch – Peek-a-Boo [413TRACKS]

Featured Guest

This week’s guest is Boris Sacharow, a Russian musician based in Moscow recording under the name – Zaax.

Back in April I heard his EP Curve Waves released through Drvg Cvltvre‘s label New York Haunted. The EP is five track machine raw collection of electro. Broken crunchy rhythm electro stomp. So good are those tracks that I reached out to Zaax over the summer and invited him to record a guest mix for the show. I had no idea what I was going to get as far as style and sonics, and certainly was not expecting a great industrial mix such as this.

The mix opens with material from Roberto Marinelli’s Laxative Souls, one of the first power electronics artists in the very early 80s. Into Yorkshire’s much lauded Throbbing Gristle, and a track from Gray – a late 70s industrial band founded by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat and performance artist Michael Holman. There’s two unreleased tracks from Zaax himself in the mix, together with industrial heavyweights, and Darkfloor originals Ontal. You’ve the acid techno of Witch. Dutch industrial from Suicide Commando and Eindkrak. French electronics from UVB76. Schranz techno from Raw Russian and S.W.S. Electro-punk from Futurisk, Electro-wave synth pop from Medio Mutante. Before closing with avant-garde US group The Residents featuring oddball British duo Renaldo & The Loaf.

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