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Mantis Radio 244 – Huron

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In for a Mantis Radio session this week, Berlin’s IDM and ambient maestro Huron. Prior to that we’ve music from ICE, Demdike Stare, Four Tet, Killawatt, The Acid, Privacy and Dead Kennedys.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 244 – Huron

Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Alternative Tentacles]
ICE – Survival Of The Fattest [Pathological Records]
Northern Plastics – Empire [Northern Plastics]
Demdike Stare – Erosion Of Mediocrity [Modern Love]
The Acid – Clean (chrisallen remix) [chrisallen]
Privacy – New Wake Trace [Lobster Theremin]
Vortm – Quantum Anomalie [Metaphor]
Progession – Omnipotent 3 [Blueprint]
Mekas – Mansion [Aula Magna Records]
Four Tet – Kool FM (Container remix) [Text Records]
Killawatt – Mate Choice [47]
Profligate – Swarm [Submit]
nTTx – MoveDark [WTII Records]
Xhin – Fox And Wolves [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Roebin de Freitas – Pallisander [Authentic Pew]

Huron – Stu__Block
Huron – Time To Wait
Huron – Untitled
Huron – Wrong Information
Huron – Untitled
Logical Disorder – Zweitgeboren (Huron remix)
Huron – The Morning And The Cloud
Huron – Grow With Him
Huron – Hunting The Morning Light
Huron – Human TZ05550X
Huron – Forest Lover
Huron – Untitled

Featured Guest

Our guest this week is Steffen Schröder aka Huron. Celebrating his latest album Inside Information having just dropped on Rotterdam’s Mindtrick Records we hit him up for a session. The result of which is a stunning liveset. His is a large and beautiful world of sound to explore – he is a producer of supreme grade IDM and ambient sonics, with 10 albums of material and numerous remixes to his name.

Igloomag on Huron’s latest album Inside Information

Somewhere lost in a chasm, deep in the confines of an alien world, one will find Huron‘s sound illuminating microscopic glitches and random tentacles as a post-industrial sheen is curated. Huron sets tones and drones meshed with mechanized debris, as if classic-era Gridlock were to meet Access To Arasaka. Low-end rumblings fall between veils of darkness as Inside Information reflects shadows and light sources from all angles. With clear sound design execution, it comes as no surprise that Schröder continues to expand the proverbial envelope

Catch a rare set from him October 21st at Planetarium, Schkeuditz, Liepzig.

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