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Mantis Radio 211 – Vacated

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Vacated sits in for DVNT as host of Mantis Radio this week, digging deep in his collection.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 211 – Vacated

Body Sculptures – A Body Turns to Eden [Posh Isolation]
Julianna Barwick – Nebulla [Dead Oceans]
JK Flesh – Swarm [Electric Deluxe]
Sophia Loizou – Genesis 92: The Awakening [Kathexis]
Vacated – Electrical Interventions [unreleased]
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. – Bensin i Storkagetrask [Northern Electronics]
Varg – Name Signs & New Hands, Part 1 [Posh Isolation]
Peder Mannerfelt – Limits to Growth [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Not Waving – Work Talk [Diagonal]
JoeFarr – Coping Mechanism [Bloc]
Bored Young Adults – Check Up From The Neck Up [The Trilogy Tapes]
Overmono – Lockner Union [XL Recordings]
Bjarki – Here It Comes Can You Feel It 92 Hoover 2 [Trip]
Silent Servant – Dissociation [LIES]
Acid Junkies – Time Kills [Acidtrax]
Vacated – Anxiety Line [unreleased]
Rebekah – Anxiety [Soma]
Flug & Miki Craven – Signals [nonlinear systems]
Traversable Wormhole – Sublight Velocities [Traversable Wormhole]
O/V/R – Everyday Impulse [Blueprint]
Ansome – Blackwater (Ossian remix) [Perc Trax]
Oliver Kucera – Donker Groen [Green Fetish]
Gazelle Twin – Anti Body (Perc remix) [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray]
Domenico Crisci – Unknown Body [Jealous God]
Codex Empire – Cutpurse [aufnahmeund+wiedergabe]
D Carbone – Mustacid [3TH]
Manni Dee – Cameron on a Guillotine [Leyla]
Ghost in the Machine – Epic Bingo Sequence [Genosha Basic]
Vacated – Blunder Parade [unreleased]
Gunjack – Dead Channel (SKiN mix) [Variance]


Vacated brings to the show a selection of great tracks from the last 6 months – music from Peder Mannerfelt, Not Waving, JoeFarr, Gunjack, JK Flesh and Varg. There’s new and upfront techno from Overmono, Perc remixing Gazelle Twin, O/V/R, Oliver Kucera, Rebekah, Traversable Wormhole, and some unreleased material from himself.

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