Mantis Radio presents FZV (live) – June 9, 2015

Coming up on tomorrow’s Mantis Radio (June 9th) we’ve another live session – from East London’s Richard Herbert AKA FZV.

Herbert’s FZV project started around 1999 with a long running series of ‘synth and drum machine releases on UK IDM/electronica label Ai Records. His production name dates from this time – “it’s the filename extension for a Casio FZ-series synth/sampler voice”. Herbert continues to, as he puts it “mine the depths of 1980’s synth architecture” .

The FZV sound hardened through the 2000’s through association with and livesets on free party soundsystems and at DIY nights – including Abacus; Ill Eagle/Ill FM; Headfuk derivatives No Fixed Abode, Noise ‘r’ us + Riot squad records; Mortal Bass; Praxis Berlin; Sonic; Noise=Noise; and most especially Hekate, Pitchless Industries and DIT art collective Randomartists. Along the way travelling to Paris, Berlin, Prague and Rome with ‘The Plot Thickens’ multidisciplinary events (in some fantastic re-purposed venues) and facilitating noise events at ‘Temporary Autonomous Art’ happenings, documented by releases on Bad Sekta, Hekate/Randomartists, Rag & Bone Records, his own DIY label Anathematica, and as co-host of the Pitchless Industries monthly broadcast on Ill FM.

The last few years have seen the FZV project on hiatus, but Herbert is back producing new material and performing live again, already with appearances at Crux and dark ambient event Deliquium. In the pipeline are an upcoming remix for Darkfloor faves Combat Recordings and “an ‘anonymous’ contribution to a venerable C8 label”. His back catalogue is available for free/donation via Bandcamp, including the excellent Soundsump and still-the-business 2006 Rag & Bone released Assimilator / Leviathan.

FZV will be performing live, joining show host DVNT in our makeshift Darkfloor HQ. Expect to hear new music from Anodyne, Container, Pinch & Mumdance and Kvitnu’s latest.

Tune in live on Future Music FM, or catch up from Wednesday on the podcast, at Mixcloud or direct.

2000 BST London
2100 CET Berlin
1500 EST New York
1200 PST Los Angeles
0400 JST Tokyo (Weds)

Last time on Mantis Radio, LA’s Jason Snell AKA Bombardier popped by the studio for a brilliant live session.


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