A Thousand Details

Mantis Radio presents A Thousand Details – 13.10

Coming up on this week’s Mantis Radio broadcast we’ve a session from Portugal’s Gustavo Lima aka A Thousand Details.

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2000 BST London
2100 CET Berlin
1500 EST New York
1200 PST Los Angeles
0400 JST Tokyo (Weds)

Lima is owner of Reaktivate Records and solo release platform Wretched. Citing influence from industrial and metal titans Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Electric Wizard and Soundgarden to the likes of Makaton, Regis, Fanon Flowers and Surgeon from the techno landscape.

The project doesn’t have a genre by itself or a definition. Neither wants one. It’s a musical exploration in the realms of sci-fi, city sounds, industrial and machinery, eerie and mysterious soundscapes.

His music is rich with atmospherics, self described as

the recreation of hypnotic sensations, dreams with a blend of aggressive beats and distorted sounds.

With his more experimental and ambient sound work he releases under the name Solar Debris. Lima’s debut recording as A Thousand Details saw him share vinyl real estate with fellow Portugese based musicians, noise experimentalists and Darkfloor favourites – Sturqen. That EP also packed dope remixes from Orphx and Casual Violence.

In the show’s first hour, we’ve new music from Alphaxone, Christoph De Babalon, control, Ontal, Epilleptech, Sonic Groove and more besides.

Mantis Radio 191 + A Thousand Details


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