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Mantis Radio 140 + Kial

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Mantis Radio presents Sub Pressure label boss Kial. Expect bassweight, heavy low end and shadow dread. Plus, new music from Etch, Phat Chex, Ruskin, Senking, Perc, and others.

Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Rap – Digable Bass (Heaven remix) [Proper Talent]
EUS – Erget I [Contradicta]
Huerco S. – Struck with Deer Lungs [Software]
Etch – Hybrid [Keysound]
Refrakted – Convolution 4 [Reaktivate]
Phat Chex – Drunken Master [unreleased]
James Ruskin – What Falls To The Ground [Jealous God]
Calman – Perc [Audioexit]
Renaissance Man – Journey [Black Ocean]
T++ – Worn Down [Erosion]
Sync 24 – This Life (The Exaltics remix) [Electrix]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa Records]
Yuuki Sakai – Picasso [Warm Up Recordings]
GRYPT – Brown + Orange Streaks [Tundra Dubs]
Einstürzende Neubauten + Perc – Rivieradub [SUBMIT]
Senking – Enduro Bones [Raster Noton]
Nphonix + Place 2B – It Rains (Mechanical Pressure remix) [Niteshade Inc.]
Sleeper – Impact Loss [Sleeper]
Matter – Layers [Kvitnu]

Darj – Ka’Andirah [unreleased]
Haack – Vicious [FKOF]
Darj – Red Crypt [unreleased]
Deafblind – Before the Crash [Sub Pressure]
Subreachers – Dark Souls [Tuba]
TZR & Boot – Tower of Silence [Requiem]
Deafblind – Substitution [unreleased]
D-Operation Drop – Razorblade [Bacon Dubs]
Culprate – Nothing [Gradient Audio]
Sparxy x Dubfreq – Convulsion [unreleased]
Biome – No Soul [Deep Heads]
Content x Deafblind x Mesck – Firewalker [unreleased]
Sleeper – Pathogen [White]
Rakoon – Still Alive [Tsunami Audio]
Reamz – Frostbit [unreleased]
Adeh ft. Talabun MC – Animality [unreleased]
Deafblind ft. Living Proof – My Salvation [Soul Step]
Aeolho – The Difference [Lutetia Dubz]


The California based producer, DJ, Sub Pressure label owner and instructor at the Sonic Arts is someone who’s work (and label) we’ve been following for quite a while now on the show.

Kial has been fiddling (as he puts it) with electronic noises for over a decade now – with one foot in the world of sound design – honing his craft with special attention paid to the lower end of the frequency range and the sound system favourite LFOs. His label Sub Pressure flies the flag for proper, heavyweight dubstep. Full of space, low end bass and shadow dread – none of this midrange wasp fart that the EDM world is shovelling in the mainstream.

He’s a fresh remix out on his label, that of Blackleg’s track Reality. Up next for Sub Pressure is an EP from Texan producer Deadblind.

In the last few years experimental ambient music and bass heavy dubstep have occupied the sonic space in the lab, but there is never a restriction on what type of noises could or should be made. Soul-Seeker, Sonic Tweaker, Sub-Bass Scientist… Kial.

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