April 9th – Mantis Radio presents Yullippe

Coming up on Sunday, April 9th, we’ve a guest session from Japan’s Yullippe.

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[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhq_GWddEXU[/embedyt]

Hailing from Osaka, Yuri Urano is one very active person.

Producing music since 2012, she would be performing at Red Bull Music’s ‘Lost Karaoke’ just 2 years later. Releasing her first cassette, Crash and Reborn, and first album, Night Flower, the same year. She’s performed with Yoshihiro Sawasaki (Meditation YS,YS) and his Gushing Electric Orchestra. Her second album, Loop Bell, dropped in 2015. And she also performed at Dresden’s Altes Wettbür that same year. In 2016 US tape label Onmyodo Cassette included her on their compilation Cyclical Return. Additionally she has produced music for TEDx. And, models.

For our 228th broadcast, we’ve the greatest of pleasure in welcoming the talent that is Yullippe to the show.


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