Bombardier live at Vale Diaries, Prague 12.06.2015

Back in mid June Bombardier (Jason Snell) performed at Prague’s Vale Diaries which was held in an abandoned military base. His heavy ambient hour+ set is something special, as we’ve come to expect from the producer/performer.

Those of you who have been paying attention here at Darkfloor will already know that Snell made a welcome return to our Mantis Radio show in late May. He was over in London, taking a few days out from his European tour and came by our makeshift studio for a live session.

Of his show in Prague on June 12th –

When the sub bass hit on the first track ‘Get You to Give In‘ I felt an intense blast of air from the monitors and thought “this is going to be fun.”

Aleche from Phuture Unknown first heard my music in a 2003 set from Halcyon in Brooklyn. It was one of my few all-ambient sets, mixing existing tracks with a live Novation Bass Station through effects pedals. He invited me to Europe to do a similar set, a full hour+ of soundscapes and live synths. I decided to scrap the track order last minute and let the set dictate what would come next.

It’s one of those sets that has a life of its own, making decisions for itself and unfolding as it chooses – I just happened to be next to the gear while it happened.

Bombardier live at Vale Diaries, Prague 12.06.2015

5th of July – Get You to Give In
Insomnia – Bombardier
Bioluminescence – Bombardier
Jason Snell – Sequence 7
Mahr – When Her Story Ends (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier & Mahr – Surface of the Moon [D13 015]
Bombardier – Laughing Madman [Pale Noir 024]
5th of July – Walk Into the Sea
Bombardier – Perdition (Ambient Mix) [D13 008]
Bombardier – Love & Horror [D13 003]
Bombardier – In Ecstasy [Ljudkalendern]
Jason Snell – Interrogation
Mahr – Seven Pillars of the Dweller [D13 015]
5th of July – Lorelei (Ambient Mix)
Jason Snell – Icy Demeanor
Bombardier – Dawn (Car Impact) [D13 009]
Bombardier – Anguish [EcoSCi 002]
Bombardier – Evacuation (5 Mile) [EcoSCi 002]
Bombardier – Wolvers (Ambient mix)
Bombardier – Beirut [D13 S04]
Bombardier – A Vision of Things to Come [DI IX]
Bombardier & Mahr – Sands of Time [D13 015]
Bombardier – The Space Where She Was
5th of July – Ecstasy of Loss
Bombardier – Live outro
Jason Snell – Sequence 7

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Traktor X1s
Waldorf Blofeld
Bombardier Refraktions iPad app
Moog MF-Drive
Boss SYB-3
Boss DD5


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