Lag drops a mix for NYC’s Erratic

Lag is a favourite of ours. He has been for years. Anyone who has listened to our show Mantis Radio over the years knows that we love breaky stuff, and Lag has a well earnt reputation for mixing up broken techno. His productions pursue a similar path – snaking around a groove, often looping in vox cuts. The result being, great tracks.

NYC’s Erratic have been a mainstay for go to mixsets for a good few years now. And for them, he provides their latest.

There’s no playlist (currently), but we’ll add once when we get our mitts on one. If you want more Lag in your life, and want to hear something different from the Serbian, check out his session from Mantis Radio from 2015, featuring music by Pan Sonic, Coil, Hauschka, Future Sound of London, Boards of Canada, Karsten Pflum, Carl Craig, Jami Sieber, Plaid, Forest Swords, and Susumu Hirasawa.


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