Dr Schmidt

Dr Schmidt – Maschinen Musik retrospective for Bass Agenda

Here’s a retrospective mix by label head Dr Schmidt consisting of the label’s 17 previous releases. Originally recorded and broadcast for the Bass Agenda folk, Schmidt uploaded it for those of us (like me) who missed the live broadcast. The full mix with Vadim SVD can be found here.

Maschinen Musik is a label we’ve been interested in since before Darkfloor was even a thing, having invited Schmidt on to the 8th Mantis Radio show way back in 2007. His label’s releases and his own work push a somewhat unique take on the electro and dark breaks the label champions; indeed their catalogue is fittingly described as technobreaks.

Get to know.

Dr Schmidt – Maschinen Musik retrospective for Bass Agenda
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01. Dr. Schmidt – Salvation Machine
02. Schmidt & Chrome – E.B.M. (Blackmass Plastics rmx)
03. T.R.O. – Phasejump
04. Dr. Schmidt – Drill
05. Solar Chrome – Lord of the Bits
06. Dr. Schmidt – Lobtomia
07. Dr. Schmidt – They’re Here
08. Dr. Schmidt – The Engines of God
09. T.R.O. – Steampunk
10. Solar Chrome – The Crushmachine
11. Electronic Confessions – LIA
12. Chrome & Schmidt – Eclipse
13. Dr. Schmidt – Salvation Machine (Dexorcist remix)
14. Solar Chrome – Future Communication
15. Dr. Schmidt – Resonator (No Friend edit)


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