d0ts – live at Klub Kulture 01.10.2010 (excerpt)

d0ts is half of the Beat Svega audio program from the Lokalna Elektronicka Defenziva (LED) collective in Karlovac, Croatia. They promotes lesser known genres of electronic dance music, non-dance music and experimental music, focusing mainly on as they term it; unsteady beats.

This is a 30 minute excerpt recording of d0ts performed live at Klub Kulture from the LED Fest and Unconquered Town Festival Tour stop in Krizevci, Croatia, back on October 1st. With some killer cuts from Baconhead, Noiz, Gunjack, Aaron Spectre, Molez and Full Spektrum, although short, it’s rowdy.

d0ts – live at Klub Kulture 01.10.2010 (excerpt)
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Baconhead – Wookie [Acroplane]
Dead Fader – Autumn Rot [3by3]
Gunjack – Murda [Consume]
Bracket – Reunion One [Brackout]
Nymate Association – Definable Function (Molez remix) [Digital Distortions]
Warlock – Pistols At Dawn [Rag + Bone]
DJ Donna Summer – Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre remix) [Cock Rock Disco]
Milanese – Billy Electron (Venger remix) [Planet Mu]
Noiz – Slashback (Full Spektrum remix) [Yellow Machines]
Noyeahno – Bionic Perversion [Rag + Bone]
Noiz – Reanimator [Syndetic]
The Tuss – Rushup I Bank 12 [Rephlex]


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