king slaFF – Production Mix

Something deep and broken (beat wise) this time from king slaFF. Who, prior to his EP release on Echodub I wasn’t aware of.

His EP is a joy to listen to, so much so I was keen to hear more of his production work. Ten minutes later and I’m clicking around his SoundCloud to see what he’s published online for the likes of me, and you, to listen to. That’s where I found this, a 52minute mix of his production work recorded 3 months back.

Warming ebbing synths, sparse and minimal percussive work, bold understated sub bass and a sense of deep space greet you with this mix. This is deep dubstep for the heads with expanse of ambience carrying you through. Perfect stuff for late nights and autumnal evenings. Oh, should mention that I think some if not all of the forthcoming tracks in the tracklist have now been released.

king slaFF – Production Mix

B1t Crunch3r – Molecular Assembler (slaFF version) [Gradient Audio] forthcoming
king slaFF – Sacrifice (xxxy remix) [Echodub] forthcoming
king slaFF – Rebirth [Echodub] forthcoming
king slaFF – Stay [Gradient Audio]
king slaFF – Sincerely [unreleased]
king slaFF – Aqua [Echodub] forthcoming
king slaFF – Venus [Echodub] forthcoming
king slaFF – Granted [Echodub]
king slaFF – Farewell [Echodub]
king slaFF – Lights [unreleased]
Wachs Lyrical – Dynasty (slaFF version) [unreleased]
Myrkur – Entanglement (slaFF version) [unreleased]
B1t Crunch3r vs. king slaFF – Alpha Centauri (spherix remix) [unreleased]
B1t Crunch3r vs. king slaFF – Alpha Centauri [Gamma Audio] forthcoming


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