Inigo Kennedy – TS0003

Following up the first 2 of the TS mix series comes this, the 3rd. Inigo Kennedy laying down what he does best; techno with that deft touch of IDM.

The tracklist is suitably rather special including a few new dubs of his own work amongst the rabble. I’ll leave you to check out the tracklist, as by now you should be pretty well versed in what Inigo brings to the table.


Inigo Kennedy – Preliminary Statements (B2) [Asy001]
Inigo Kennedy – Identify Yourself [Token001]
Dynamo – Berlin (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) [Dref007]
Exium – Front Line [Nheoma09]
Orbital – Lush 3-1 [Trulp2]
Inigo Kennedy – Terpsichore [Asymp3012]
Bochum Welt – R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) [Cat192cd]
Inigo Kennedy – Aching To Get Beneath [Asymp3008]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Rudiment 5 [Sub-D01]
Inigo Kennedy – Yearning [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Mnd I [dub]
The End Of All Existence (A1) [End000]
Inigo Kennedy – Spaghettification (D1) [Missile031]
The Tuss – Alspacka [Cat190cd]
Appleblim + Peverelist – Circling [Skull08]
Kill Moda – Women Respond To Bass [Bd001]
Blind Summit – Ciclosporin [Sin009]
Djamel – Kireru (Original Mix) [Hvrl002]
Exium – Trashflow [Nheoma09]
Smear – Transect (A1) [Fsg001]
Outline – First Contact [Bp0001]
Exium – Aftershock [Labrynth013]
Charlton – Argibalt (Regis U-Viv Mix) [Labrynth010]
Perc – Rowan [Sam005]
Inigo Kennedy – Mnd Ii [dub]
Altern-8 – Move My Body [Toplp1]
Skream – Smiley Face [Tempa016]
Casual Violence – Immobilizing Echoes [Sub-D05a]
Elektrabel – Ripplin [Sub-D05b]
Inigo Kennedy – Mnd Iii [dub]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Run [Sub-D05b]
Fran Hartnett – It Was Written In Vapour [AAR037]
Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless [unreleased]

Recorded March 5, 2011.


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