The Implicit Order – Holy Ghost Enters The Body A Perfect Size

The internet is many things. One of those I consider to be a great leveller.

Stick with me for a moment.

I grew up with the internet, although I am old enough to remember a time at school where I had to research school projects by using the reference department of both my school and local library – researching online wasn’t even a thing. Then in 1993, there was Microsoft’s Encarta encyclopaedia – it came with pretty much any new PC. This is when Mac’s were for anoraks and not anyone with a credit card and skinny jeans. At the time the 10 year old me was amazed, all that information right there on a single CD-ROM. However, it dated fast, even back then. Fast forward some two decades and out in front we have the immense and awesome Wikipedia. When it comes to music we have countless options – one of the front runners is Discogs. Like Wikipedia, it is built by the users for the users and is huge. Ever growing – both forwards and back – as the public document for recorded music.

My point is this.

Recently I happened across the latest release from a previously unknown to me artist – The Implicit Order. I really like the ethereal drones and otherworldly field of drifts and tones his album Holy Ghost Enters The Body A Perfect Size illustrates with the sound construct. So much so I was curious as to who this artist is and what else have they done. A few minutes later and I’m now aware they is a he; he’s been recording since 1989 and he has a sizeable body of work that I can’t wait to get exploring. This is what I mean by the great leveller. The internet can spread the creative pursuits and ideas of people to be found by others with relative, near instant ease.

The Implicit Order (I/O) is Anthony Washburn, based in Smilax, Kentucky.

Washburn states that I/O started as a Mail Art project (a populist artistic movement that centred around sending small scale works through the postal service) and in the early 90s it developed into a musical project that incorporated many of the early industrial and experimental sound ideas of the late 70s and 80s.

The band always tried to inject a sense of the Occult, humor and an off-kilter view into the image and recordings. The Implicit Order was active in the Cassette Culture of the 1990’s up to 2001. In 2002 the band took a break from recording and resumed in 2008.

Holy Ghost Enters The Body A Perfect Size is his latest in a long line of releases. It’s part dark ambient, part dream, part occult – in a sense that it sounds like a plane of existence beyond our reality – or at least that sort of misty, white light lit temporal plane we might imagine. This is late night, brain half asleep sound. Drift sound for the tired mind; the half conscious hearing the fragments of melody and prescient narrative that may or may not be there.


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