‘Go To The Playground’ EP by The Bee for Audioexit

Audioexit promptly follow up their recent releases: Tom SPL’s Scorpion Walking and Drugstore’s Imminent Departure (both of which I’m still playing) with a release from The Bee.

Already on my radar with a slew of quality releases on techno specialist netlabel Zimmer Records, as well as a release on Audioexit back in 2008. Those of the techno persuasion should perk up their ears and get downloading. From the Hungarian netlabel comes –

Hungarian The Bee comes with fresh sound this year, 4 tracks of Go To The Playground is more developed than his last release, AeTech004, showing that Bee is moving forward with the actual styles. ‘Blues Company’ is a modern techno piece (with crazy cello sampling), written for the dancefloors, isn’t it? 2nd track ‘Minifunk’ is more minimal-electro like, but it comes to an end with hard, industrial noises, nice backround sounds. ‘Slow Tech Fusion’ is varied but mellow work. The closing ‘Travelling’ is a good piece for this summer, organic like a cocktail, cool like the ice in it.

The Bee – Go To The Playground

Blues Company
Slow Tech Fusion


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